Teenager’s heartfelt version of ’Hopelessly Devoted to You’ impresses the audiences. Video

The first time you perform in front of a live crowd of millions will always stick out in your mind. Stella, a bashful 15-year-old, belied her age when she walked the stage.

Stella has just disproved the widespread belief that The Voice Kids is a watered-down version of the original show.

The performance by this 15-year-old kid was outstanding. She sang an Olivia Newton-John hit with such amazing assurance that she won over millions of people.

Everyone knows exactly what it means when the music for ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ begins. No one without some serious vocal chops would pick ‘that’ song from Grease.

Soon after the first trestle was built, one of the judges decided to back out. Stella’s range, poise, and stage presence were all top notch.

The other judges were having so much fun dancing in their seats that they were secretly considering a U-turn.

Despite the low stakes, Stella’s one chair turn is amazing. A turn in all four chairs is not required to take first place.

Rapidly rising to the level of its parent program, The Voice, The Voice Kids is a fantastic addition to the franchise.

This shifts the show’s dynamic and provides a level playing field for up-and-coming vocalists. Stella’s star power guarantees that the judges’ squad will always be strong.

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