While Denzel Washington was going down the wrong road, his mother rescued him.

Denzel Washington is widely regarded as a top actor of his time. He paved the door for other African-American actors to succeed in the film industry.

Nonetheless, he has no one else but his mother to thank for his achievements.

Unlike many Hollywood stars, Denzel Washington did not have a privileged upbringing. His mother had a successful beauty salon, and his father pastored two churches.

The actor’s parents split up when he was only 14 years old. His mother, Lennis, was abandoned with three young

children. Denzel’s realization that he’s his mother’s biggest problem is a product of his maturation.

The breakup of his parents had a negative impact on him, and he began engaging in risky behavior as a result.

He began associating with unsavory characters. One of his pals has passed away, another buddy has served 20 years in prison, and a fourth friend has served 12 years.

Yet, his mother was resolved to prevent her son from wandering astray. From Oaklahoma, she sent him to a posh private school in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Although Denzel made an effort to straighten up and fly right, he still found himself in hot water on occasion.

Even if the school sent him home, his mother would insist on sending him back until he learned self-control.

The actor found success on the playing field and in the music industry. He found out that the performing arts were his passion and his strength.

Moreover, he was fully aware that his mother was the driving force behind his discovery of his passion for acting.

The actor recalls ‘throwing rocks at the penitentiary’ during his younger years, but thankfully he never hit.

You never know who is praying for you, Son, his mother used to say, and he often thinks about that.

He firmly believes this since he finds it difficult to understand how he managed to avoid going to jail.

When asked what advice he would give to a younger version of himself, the actor always replies, ‘Listen to your mother!’ He is unsure if he would have the luxurious life he does today without her.

Washington lost his mother in 2021. She had truly lived a long life at the age of 97. Washington appeared on

‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ after she passed away, and the presenter offered his condolences to the actor.

The actor expressed his gratitude for the extended time he and his siblings had with their mother while

she was still living. Colbert continued by reminding Washington of a previous statement he had made, ‘A mother is a son’s first love.’

In addition, Washington added, ‘A son is a mother’s final sincere love, especially that first son.’

Washington made this statement because he had personally observed how his wife Pauletta treated their oldest son, John David, with such extreme tenderness. He is perfect, Washington said.

Washington expressed amazement at the sudden feelings he was feeling as he became upset while speaking about his mother.

He admitted that he had not even sobbed during the funeral for his mother. He urged the audience to embrace their cherished ones while they were still with them.

Washington attributes his mother’s lessons on the value of family to her. Since 1983, he has been wed to his wife Pauletta. Together, the couple has four kids: John, Katia, Malcolm, and Olivia.

Washington is not afraid to publicly declare his devotion and love for his wife. He claims she is a devout Christian who has taught his kids the value of prayer and reading the Bible.

According to Washington, their marriage is maintained by ‘plenty of prayers.’ He has frequently

commended his wife Pauletta for being the family’s rock and the cause for their close relationship.

The actor has occasionally gushed about how much he loves racing from work to see his son’s games and spend time with his family.

According to the actor, ‘Family is life. For me, acting is not life. It is supporting oneself.
‘Money is a great down payment, but it can’t purchase happiness.

You quickly learn that you can only operate one vehicle at once. Although I own an Aston Martin, I rather like my truck.

As you age and gain experience, you simplify. You require less overall. Now that you’ve raised your kids, you exist because of them. What matters to me is their achievement.

I just took home a Tony for a Broadway production. That would be lovely, another Oscar. But the actor has stated, ‘I’d rather leave this world as a successful parent than a successful actor.’

Despite his fame, Washington has always maintained his modesty. The actor attributes his mother for preventing his head from growing too large.

She would frequently remind him that he had no idea whose prayers had brought him to this point in his life. She would assign him tasks like cleaning her windows to keep him grounded.

He thanks his mother for raising him to be polite and sympathetic. All of this comes full circle to a run-in he had in West Hollywood with a homeless man.

The actor saw a homeless man in the middle of a busy roadway while he was driving. The actor instantly swung around in his automobile to approach the man.

Although the swift move was risky, he did it out of compassion for the homeless man and disregard for his own safety.

The actor was successful in getting the man to safety, after which he made a police call and waited with him.

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