Michael Bublé surprises his grandfather’s caretaker with something unimaginable and fulfills his last wish…

Michael Bublé gave his grandpa’s old babysitter, Minette, a house makeover that will change her life forever because

of how much she cared for Michael’s grandfather, Demetrio. Through the help of his cousins, Drew and Jonathan Scott,

Michael was able to grant his grandfather’s last request by presenting Minette with the former home of Demetrio as her own.

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Together with Minette

Many musicians attribute a portion of their success to at least one person’s affection and support.

Demetrio, Michael Bublé’s grandfather, was that individual. Growing up, my grandfather was my closest friend.

My hero,’Michael declared. As his grandfather aged, it was crucial that he receive the best care possible in the house he had built himself.

Minette steps in to help with that. “I am a community health worker who recently immigrated from the Philippines.

So Michael’s family hired me to simultaneously take care of Grandma and Grandpa, Minette explained.

For nearly eight years, Minette took care of Michael’s grandparents while also sending practically all of her earnings home.

By the time it was through, it was reasonable to say that Minette was now a close friend of grandfather Demetrio and a full-fledged Bublé family member.

Legacy of Grandfather Demetrio

Michael felt that the best way to honor his grandfather’s legacy and dying request to retain the house he

constructed in the family was to renovate the house and give it to Minette. Michael added, ‘I think my grandpa would be delighted knowing we could maybe lessen her burden a little bit.

Minette never does anything for herself. Michael collaborated with the Property Brothers to remodel his grandfather’s property in Vancouver,

Canada, while Minette was in the Philippines visiting family. Minette was taken speechless by the modern upgrades to the kitchen,

living room, and parlor—especially when she realized they were all for her.Related Article: Viola Davis Made Her Best Friend’s House a Stylish and Peaceful Getaway.

Workplace crooner

With less than four weeks to finish the restoration, time was of the importance. Michael, a complete novice to demolition and renovation,

acknowledged that he once attempted and failed to paint his home. As he, Jonathan, and Drew got ready for the demo,

Michael made a joke about how he appeared to be prepared but was actually feeling delicate. Related Article: Brad Pitt Renovated a Gorgeous Guest Home for an Old Friend.

The Front Door and Parlor

White on white took on a whole new meaning at Michael’s grandparents’ house. White tile in the doorway,

white shag carpeting in the parlor, a white brick fireplace, white walls, and an endless supply of other shades of white welcomed you as soon as you entered.

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The Entrance, Following

Jonathan and Drew modernized the staircase with glass and a wrought iron railing to bring it into 2019. A front door in black stands out boldly and looks great against white walls.

The stunning oak slat wall, which Drew came up with as a method to divide the parlour from the foyer, is what stands out the most.

Before, The Parlour

The carpet, fireplace, and furnishings all reflected Michael’s grandmother’s love of white. ‘In this room,

we weren’t really allowed to do much. The couches had plastic coverings, Michael said. He attributed the design aesthetic in part to the Italian immigration of his grandparents.

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Following, the dining room

The Property Brothers were able to use this room by turning the parlour into a dining area. The shag carpet was replaced with a medium-toned oak floor,

and the old popcorn ceiling was smoothed and coated. While modern fireplace unit and recessed lighting make the space bright, they also give a touch of coziness.

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Before: The dining area

There was space for a dining table and seats in the tiny kitchen. Michael referred to the location as ‘our hang space’. He still had vivid memories of sipping coffee there with his grandfather.

The Kitchen, Following

The Property Brothers were able to add more cupboards and a sizable island by moving the dining area to the front parlour.

Michael is on Team White Kitchen, but Jonathan and Drew paired the creamy white cabinetry with a wood island and a black cabinet wall to prevent the room from looking too clinical.

Countertops made of sintered stone continue up the wall as the backsplash, simulating marble. Check out these stylish celebrity kitchens where we’d like to cook.

Before: The Family Room

Like the rest of the house, the family room was white and in need of upgrading. There’s nothing like a mirror wall to give a space a dated vibe right away!

Whatever the case, Michael found the remodeling of this room to be bittersweet. The best times in my life occurred here, he claimed.

‘[Grandpa] would play me all of these beautiful old tunes and old records while we sat cross-legged.’

Observe: A Friendly Bet. Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott enjoy themselves while carrying a refrigerator.

Then, in the family room

To create a contemporary yet inviting room, several changes were made. To begin with, the mirror wall, trellis, and arched external entrance had to be removed.

This area has the same flooring as the kitchen and dining room, and a second new fireplace unit will keep everyone warm throughout the chilly Vancouver winters.

The Property Brothers had one of grandfather Demetrio’s favorite sayings delicately engraved onto the fireplace,

although you can’t tell from this picture. ‘Today’s curse is tomorrow’s blessing,’it says. You’ll probably want to relax in one of these famous people’s living rooms as well.

Before: The living room

Even though the original family room had some problems, the views of Vancouver were incredibly stunning.

These windows provided a panoramic view of the city and its surrounding mountains on clear days. Also available at these famous people’s homes are the breath-taking views.

Getting Everything Ready

Finishing Minette’s new home was enjoyable for Michael and the Property Brothers. In reference to outfitting the area, Michael remarked, ’I am the worst at what we’re doing right now.

Then, in the family room

The Property Brothers replaced the old windows with sleek black ones to update the area and truly accentuate the vista.

The view is largely uninterrupted because to the simple grid pattern. Not to add, compared to the previous ones, these windows will offer far superior insulation.

The artwork hanging over the sofa is one of Michael’s favorite features in the space because of how subdued it is and how it doesn’t overpower the other furnishings.

See a video of this contemporary makeover being shown.

The Disclose

Grandpa Demetrio’s home was undergoing some modest modifications, according to what Michael and his sisters had told Minette.

Minette and Michael entered the house and Minette immediately noticed that the white brick fireplace was missing.

She was speechless when Michael told her it was all for her. Right now, I’m at a loss for words,’ Minette remarked. It’s still not sinking in. It’s gorgeous.

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