On American Idol, a 13-year-old singing ventriloquist amuses the judges. Video

In a YouTube video, Ana-Maria Margean displayed her talent for comedy, ventriloquism, and singing.

The teenage contestant from Romania entered the stage with a puppet, performed a ventriloquist act that made the judges laugh, and then mesmerized them as well as the studio audience with a song.

Ana-Maria introduces Mrs. Know-it-all, her puppet buddy, at the start of the clip. As someone who is ‘always available to give me advise and support,’ Ana-Maria describes her felty companion.

Mrs. Know-it-all gives Ana-Maria some wise counsel before she begins singing the first verses of

’I Placed a Spell on You.’ Despite the studio’s enthusiastic applause for Ana-singing, Maria’s not everyone concurs.

Ana-Maria only sings a few lines of the song when Mrs. Know-it-all stops her, corrects her, and attempts to demonstrate how to sing properly.

Mrs. Knucklehead gives it a try. The song is performed by the puppet, and the audience appreciates

it as well.Then Ana-Maria sings back and forth with her puppet. The audience is treated to an odd duet.

The judges and studio audience both adore Ana-performance, Maria’s which combines humour and gorgeous singing.

‘That was perfect. You performed that without even moving your lips, and it was simply flawless, stated Heidi Klum.

Howie Mandel said, ‘You know, it’s incredible to be on the other side of the world, in a nation where this isn’t

even your first language, and be able to entertain an American audience, an English-speaking audience.Simon Cowell agreed with the remarks made by his fellow judges.

It simply grew better and better, according to Simon. ‘There’s a tremendous, massive market for someone with your talent and you truly deserve to be here.’

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