When a mom bribes her baby to say ‘mama’, their dog says it… Watch the video here…

The Diaz-Giovanini family, who reside in the little Utah city of Cedar Hills, adores Patch. They simply wanted to record

the amazing moment of Lil’ Sam speaking the word ‘mama’ because they have a lovely nine-month-old baby son named Sam.

When the boy’s mother, Andrea Diaz-Giovanini, attempted to bribe her infant to utter the phrase with the help of a delectable treat, she was in for a surprise.

Watch closely in the video when Patch’s ears rapidly perk just as he begins to listen closely to her orders.

He couldn’t help but say it, albeit in a guttural manner, because he genuinely needed that reward. The scene in which Sam stares at Patch irritably and pushes him away as if to say,

‘Stop making me seem awful,’ is one of the highlights of the clip. At that point, the family started laughing, and so did us.

After watching this video, a few people online expressed their disappointment. After his remarkable achievement, they didn’t believe Patch’s owners had given him any treats.

The proprietors had to calm the agitated audience right away. In order to prove that they had truly given

Patch his sweet treat, they uploaded video. After everything is said and done, they can once again savor this unique moment.

Patch is a very devoted pet that grew especially close to the Diaz-Giovanini family after assisting their grandmother throughout her recuperation.

She had experienced a severe brain injury as a result of a serious auto accident. Patch began to alert the family on his own if he believed she was about to suffer a seizure. Very nice, no?

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