First class seats on the journey home are reserved for ‘hero’ dogs who assisted with the Turkey and Syria earthquake rescues.

Rescuers from all around the world and across political lines came to help in the rescuing efforts as it became clear how severe the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria were; they even brought their dogs.

The US, Israel, El Salvador, Mexico, Qatar, South Korea, China, India, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, and 17 EU nations all sent trained rescue dogs and their handlers to assist in locating survivors among the wreckage.

More than 140 canines of all varieties have already traveled to Turkey and Syria to assist, but all of them need ‘boundless stamina… to go till they drop,’ one rescuer told Al Jazeera.

Turkish Airlines, the country’s flag airline, has offered every canine a first-class seat as a token of appreciation for their bravery as they go back to their homes.

According to a spokeswoman for the airline, it was «the least we could do to demonstrate our appreciation for these courageous canines’ true and heroic efforts,» The Independent said.

In a BBC interview, Linda Hornisberger said, ‘Dogs are one of the last opportunities for individuals to be located when they can’t cry for help any longer.

Hornisberger works with the Swiss Disaster Dog Association as a Senior Search Expert (REDOG). Dogs can cover a lot of ground quickly, and they can smell people under the rubble with their noses.

Turkish Airlines is one of the few airlines that the author of this GNN story has flown with, but she considers it to offer an incomparably superior flying experience to all others.

As a result, she is not at all surprised to learn that Turkish Airlines is helping with relief and rescue efforts.

These initiatives have included offering free flights to evacuees and setting aside cargo holds on its flights for critically needed supplies including medications, tents, and other hygienic goods.

Around 1,300 assistance aircraft have carried over 238,000 rescue workers in total, and the firm has donated 2 billion Turkish Lira ($105 million) to aid in the rescue operation.

Turkish Airlines chairman of the board and executive committee, Dr. Ahmet Bolat, also donated his March pay for «urgent humanitarian efforts».

About 10% of a United Nations appeal for humanitarian operations have been completed as of this writing. Use this link to give like Dr. Bolat did by joining the cause.

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