Kevin Bacon opens out about his marriage to Kyra Sedgwick on the anniversary of their 35th wedding

Hollywood fans like the actor Kevin Bacon. He has millions of devoted followers and has played countless

legendary roles. The actor and Kyra Sedgwick, an actress, get wed and have a lovely life together.

The actor recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and spoke up about what their lengthy marriage has meant for them.

Kevin Bacon made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night. He mentioned that he and his wife Kyra had been married for 35 years.

35 years usually represents a lot of time to anyone listening, which puts you in a position where you can offer guidance.

Similar to this, individuals Bacon intimately knows are astounded by the success of their marriage. On his marriage, Bacon remarked, ‘That’s a lot of years.’

‘They sense a great deal of excitement,’ he said. Everyone wants to know the key to a happy marriage, but I vehemently decline to share it with them.

The actor said some insightful things. Bacon added jokingly, ’I mean look, marriage, let’s face it, it doesn’t work. How many couples remain wed? Nobody.’

The 64-year-old then said something that everyone found hilarious. The one thing you don’t want to do, he advised,

‘is take a celebrity’s counsel on how to stay married,’ if he were to ever provide advice to those who asked him about the key to a long marriage.

Bacon has been holding onto his post for some time. That’s a question I refuse to answer anymore, but there are a few things you don’t want to do if you want a long marriage,

he added in a 2017 interview with Closer Weekly. ‘One is to leave the toilet seat up, and another is to say, ‘I told you so,’’ he said.

The actor spoke open about being a father and what it was like to be a first-time dad. We became pregnant while on our honeymoon, he revealed.

I was 30 and she was 23,’ he stated. ‘We were living in Los Angeles when we had our son Trav… We lacked any knowledge.

We had no experience with child rearing. We seem to have been kids ourselves.

The 64-year-old man thought back to a serious mistake he had made when his first child was just four days old.

By mistake, he locked him inside the vehicle. We had leased a car, he replied. I was disorganized and not really thinking…

The baby was still in the car when the driver pulled up to the hotel valet, jumped out, and slammed the door.

The car was still running and the keys were inside. ‘To say I lost my sh- is an understatement,’ was added.

However, the valet was able to assist Bacon. To help him get his baby out of the car, he smashed out a window while holding a towel around his fist.

The pairing of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick is just wonderful. I appreciate how grounded they are in their relationship and that they refrain from giving everyone advice.

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