The rescue operation of the year: the hiker had only one arm free which he waved at a passing helicopter… Details below…

A crew from Air-Glaciers used laser-eye vision to rescue a hiker who was buried up to his neck on the slope of a Swiss mountain.

Only one arm was free, which he used to wave at a passing aircraft. The hiker, who had been trapped for six hours and was suffering from hypothermia,

was eventually found thanks in large part to the searchlight used by the crew. The breath-taking rescue clip was shared on Facebook by Air-Glaciers-SA.

The crew was initially called in to look for a young man who had vanished while on a ski tour in the Liddes region and had not been seen since.

According to Unofficial Network, the hiker had told his family about his route, which he had walked numerous times before, and had intended to return by early afternoon.

The pilot noticed a sign of life up the passageway amid a mound of snow while using their searchlight at night.

The hiker had been buried for more than six hours, but he was still able to call for help since the chopper could see his head and one arm through the casting.

The hiker was successfully flown out of the snow with the assistance of the guide and lifeguard, suffering only mild hypothermia.

Regrettably, it happens frequently to hikers to become buried under snow. In reality, CBS reported that two college students were

recently rescued after enduring a blizzard for 48 hours on Algonquin Mountain in the upstate Adirondacks, the second-highest peak in New York state.

Experienced hikers Madison Popolizio and her boyfriend Blake Alois made a mistake and fell down the mountainside.

I was shivering, Popolizio remembered. The fall forced all the snow into my boots, gloves, and jacket.

She remembered telling him she couldn’t feel her legs or feet, which prompted him to immediately empty their

food and supplies from his bag and use it to keep her warm. She gave him credit for saving her life.Popolizio broke down in tears as she described how he had responded, becoming emotional.

She wouldn’t have survived without him. Popolizio responded, ‘He told me how much he loved me and what our lives were going to be like when we got out,’

when asked what kept her going. The rescue crew and Ranger Scott Van Laer eventually saved the couple after they had to endure two frigid days and nights.

They shouted out when they heard the sound of the helicopter because they were too weak to move. Van Laer described how Popolizio’s

voice echoed through the air and led them to their destination. Even though they had some wounds, they were saved and sent to safety.

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