A firefighter assists to deliver a baby at the fire station that he works at. You won’t believe it when you find out who the girl is..Video

Bret Langston has experience giving birth to children. He’s not a physician or even an EMT, so no.

He has responded to the call at least six times in his 28-year tenure as a firefighter at the Austell Fire Station in Austell, Georgia.

They’re one of his favorite calls, but his most recent one could have surpassed them all.
He assisted with his granddaughter’s delivery on February 10 at his own station!

I thought, ’This is not right, this is not at all what we had intended,’ she recalled.She made it just in time, as Hannah’s mother, April Langston,

and Hannah’s doula assisted in the delivery of a healthy baby girl named Adalynn shortly after calling for an ambulance.

‘I wouldn’t change it, even if it was unexpected and unique. Everything went smoothly, said Hannah.As Hannah gave delivery, almost a dozen firefighters were present at the station.

Hannah giving birth to her daughter at her father’s fire station, according to Austell Fire Captain Mitch Parrott, was fated to happen.

‘We spend one-third of our lives together, making us more than just coworkers. Here, we’re like family,’ he remarked.

Less than two weeks later, Adalynn and her parents returned to the fire station, and they want to make frequent trips to see her grandfather and the hospital where she was born.

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