Simon Cowell awards the ‘Golden Buzzer’ to a father and son for their outstanding performance. Video

Everyone in the room was laughing for a perfectly good reason.Stavros Flatley will participate in Britain’s Got Talent:

The Champions, an event that will feature re-performances of some of the competition’s most outstanding acts.

But, Simon Cowell disregarded the enjoyable performance by the father and son team this time by pressing the Golden Buzzer.

Stavros Flatley is well-known for his and his partner’s humorous Greek performance, in which they dance on stage with their bellies exposed.

Despite the fact that it has been ten years since they first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, their most

recent performance serves as a reminder of why the entire world fell in love with them in the first place.

Demi Demetriou and his 12-year-old son Lagi stood before the judges in 2009 wearing nothing but their normal clothing.

They then went backstage, and when they came out again, everyone was surprised to see them.

Demi dashed into the doorway without a shirt at all, only a headband and a blonde wig. He was able to make everyone in the room laugh when he said he was

the Greek version of famous river dancer Michael Flatley. The already comical situation got even crazier when Lagi and his father took the stage while wearing the same outfits.

Although though Stavros Flatley didn’t wind up winning the competition that year, the program was crucial in raising awareness of the charming couple.

Stavros Flatley has developed a line of Greek food products under the name ‘Stavros Flatley’s Greek Kitchen,’

according to the ClassiQue website. He has also performed in venues all over the world, made guest appearances

on television shows, developed new products, and written and published the book How to Be a Little Bit Greek.

When it was revealed that they had been chosen to compete in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, everyone was given a gift.

A flute musician performed in the middle of the audience to open the new audition for Stavros Flatley, and then Celtic dancers lighted up the stage. Nevertheless, we had only warmed up.

Demi enters the room wearing his distinctive Greek attire, which has him showing off his belly in public.

Just before he pauses to take a position, his prowess as a river dancer sends the audience into a frenzy. In the future, that was going to get a lot better.

Lagi looked to have materialized overnight! He is no longer a child and has only recently, after some time has passed, become an adult.

With dancing women, drumming men, and burning flames, it is a presentation that goes all out, but the entertaining Stavros Flatley couple steals the show.

They even completed their audition by tossing their wigs directly in the direction of the judges’ seats, which is exactly what we wanted them to do.

Then, after a protracted explanation, Demi steps up to the podium to deliver an emotional address.
‘There are no words to describe how appreciative we are that you went above and above for us.

Yet, I feel the need to emphasize how excellent this product is. We have traveled the world, accomplished

things we never imagined accomplishing, and visited locations we had never even considered visiting all because to you.

Demi took a minute to convey his joy at his son Lagi’s accomplishments before giving him a bear embrace.

Similar to how Stavros Flatley was grateful to BGT for the opportunity it gave him, Simon wanted to let the couple know how much he valued them.
He informs them of this.

Listen, I’ve wanted to tell you this for years, but I just haven’t gotten around to it,’ the speaker said. I

wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for everything you’ve done. ‘There is only one thing I can do to show you how grateful I am, and that is to say thank you.’

Simon pushes the ‘Golden Buzzer’ button while leaping up from his seat. The contestant advances directly to the

championship rounds after winning the Got Talent series’ top honor. Everyone’s responses are, as expected, precious beyond words!

The following video features Stavros Flatley’s performance, which was praised and awarded a Golden Buzzer.

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