This woman’s life was in danger because of her obesity. She radically decided to change her life. See how many kilos she lost and how she looks today

One of the most enduring characters from the television show My 600-lb Life is Marla McCants. She weighed more than 800 pounds at one time, was unable to walk, and was morbidly obese.

Without assistance, Marla’s life was in danger, therefore she eventually received a position on the program. She has shed almost 500 pounds as of right now, and the transformation is incredible!

Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging. It can take a lot of time and money to prepare healthy food if you have a family, a spouse, or several interests.

‘My 600-lb Life” by Marla McCants
Indeed, fast food is a trap. Well, it can occasionally be beneficial,

but if you consume too much of it over time, it will harm your health. That’s why we’re usually advised we should work out to enhance our minds, bodies and souls!

There are a lot of inspirational people that try to teach us how to live a healthy life by working on our inner

peace and eating nutritious foods in order to feel fantastic. These physically fit individuals are motivating, but so are those like Marla McCants.

She was over 800 pounds when she made an appearance on My 600-lb Life a lot of years ago. She was believed to be on the verge of passing away because of her bad lifestyle.

But, Marla changed her life with a lot of effort and support from Dr. Now. She looks fantastic right now!

So how did she manage to do it? Everything you need to know about Marla McCant’s amazing adventure is provided here!

There is still a lot of work to be done even if someone is cast on the show. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan,

better known as ‘Dr Now,’ wasn’t sure he could assist Marla McCants when she appeared on My 600-Lb Life.

Marla McCants’s journey to lose weight
In reality, Dr. Now has actually walked away from several patients over the years because he felt that he could no longer serve them.

According to him, there have been certain patients that he felt he could no longer assist.

‘I’ll be there for them whenever they need me. If they don’t follow the plan, eventually I won’t be able to aid them and they’ll be using resources that belong to someone else.

Marla McCants couldn’t even get up to walk by herself due to her extreme obesity. She was cooking in a tiny fryer that she always carried with her while eating food in bed.

Marla was dependent. As we all know, addictions are difficult to overcome.

Marla McCants turned out to be one of Dr. Now’s most challenging patients. She made the decision to go to Houston, Texas,

where he was stationed, along with her kid, and had a gastric bypass procedure to aid her in her effort to lose weight.

refused to cooperate
But things would become challenging. She remained in the hospital for some time before Dr. Now made the decision that enough was enough.

Dr. Nowzaradan claimed in an interview with Houstonia Magazine that he didn’t earn any money from the operations but instead concentrated on giving them a second chance at life.

‘When you look at the moral responsibility that we have, you see someone who doesn’t have a life but could have one,’ he remarked.

We don’t have to be wealthy. We certainly have to make a livelihood, but we don’t have to worry about doing so from each and every patient.

Therefore, rather than eating people’s lives away, his true aim is to help them live healthy, useful lives.

Dr. Nowzaradan stated, ’I never allowed the camera affect my behavior with any patient. ‘I act in the same manner whether or not there is a camera present.’

In an interview with People, Dr. Now noted that many patients have struggled to maintain their weight loss even after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

‘Necessary with tough love,’ says Dr. Now.
Working with some patients who may be self-destructive is a daily challenge, he said.

‘My duty is to find a way to inspire them to work hard to achieve their goals, not to get angry at them.

Sometimes I feel like I need to be firm with them and practice some tough love, so I express some of my worry and annoyance.

‘Even during those times, my responsibility is to find a way to work with them to get their weight to a healthy place,’

continued Dr. Nowzaradan. They are the patient because they require assistance, and it is my responsibility to do so no matter what.

The minute Marla McCants received her discharge, her journey might have come to an end. Sierra, her daughter,

was the one who made the decision that this would not be the end. She called Dr. Now once more, pleading with him to lend a hand.

for the first time in years, stood up.
In the follow-up show, McCants could be seen at home on her bed,

still relying almost entirely on her daughter Sierra. She weighed 534 pounds at this moment, having had a remarkable weight drop.

Her subsequent major procedure was a skin removal surgery at that moment. Nonetheless, she still lacked the necessary amount of weight to proceed.

Marla was abusing her diet and refusing to get up and move about, which was a concern. The fried chicken she used to make from her bed was still on her mind.

When the follow-up episode aired, it had been almost a year since Marla’s bypass surgery, but she was still unable to stand.

That wasn’t going the way I expected it to go, so I was a little depressed a couple of months ago, but it’s getting better now, she added. ‘I’m getting more powerful.’

Marla’s main objective was to be able to stand up and walk before moving on to remove extra skin.

Marla McCants underwent an amazing change.
I moved to Texas in order to reclaim my life and be present for my grandchildren,

but I still feel inadequate to play a meaningful role in their lives. I’m eager to have the surgery, so,’ she said in the subsequent episode.

She continued, ‘I still have cravings and miss fried chicken. “I tried using olive oil, but it didn’t

taste the same, and just eating meat is a little annoying. I was trying to find a way that I can eat that.

I can only say that I am a human. You merely need to make better decisions; you don’t need to starve yourself.

During the years, Sierra had assisted her mother in every way. Then, a year following her mother’s gastric bypass procedure, she felt the need to resume her own life and stop taking care of Marla.

Of course, Marla didn’t want her daughter taking care of her either.Sierra stated, ‘I feel irritated because even just getting her to stand and walk would be a huge stride for me.

’I know right then, bam, that I could simply run for my life.’

I would have said a few months ago that it was aggravating to be in this bed seeing people come and leave, but use that as fuel right now since I’ll be out there soon,” Marla said.

‘I’m hoping the doctor will approve my request for skin surgery when I see him soon.’claims that the production was faked

Marla McCants may have seemed like a hopeless case, but there is more to her than meets the eye.

She asserted that the production company was actually fabricating events and engaging in unethical activity in order

to make the program appear more dramatic than it actually was in an interview with Rickey Smiley on YouTube.

‘Enjoy the part where I was being treated in the hospital. And I remained seated. You don’t all understand why I didn’t pick it up.

First of all, they announced it a year in advance when it actually happened just one month after my gastric bypass surgery, according to Marla.

I shed 70 pounds in the first month. I underwent surgery on February 13th, 2015, and that episode premiered in March 2015.

I had recently shed 70 pounds. I was in the hospital, I was underweight, and he wanted me to stand up? Seriously? Are you asking me to get up when I’m bleeding on the bed?

How is Marla McCants faring right now? It is reasonable to say that she has completely changed her life, and she looks incredible!

Marla McCants here today.
Marla made an appearance on the Sister Circle in 2019 and unveiled her actual new self there. She has actually shed an incredible 580 pounds. It’s true what you just read!

McCants said on the program, ‘I never want to go back to that location. ‘How I was handled. I don’t ever want to return there. It’s solitary.

Even though Marla has triumphed in the most important battle of her life, many others are still engaged in conflict.

Marla believes it’s crucial to refrain from passing judgment on those individuals because she is one of them.

‘I want to start by making it clear that food addiction exists. I’ll always think in those terms. I had trouble with it,’ she admitted.

‘You never want to go back there after the way I was treated. Never evaluate a book based solely on its cover. Everyone has a backstory and roots they need to explore.

She continued, ‘Those people [who believe it’s disgusting with individuals on the show] are just dumb. ‘You can do what I did to conquer your difficulties and worries.’

Marla posts numerous pictures of her and her family on her Facebook page. We could not be more delighted for her.

It’s fantastic to see Marla McCants’ progress on My 600-Lb Life. Please encourage your relatives and friends to share this article on Facebook in honor of her motivational weight reduction journey!

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