When an internet technician enters the home of a blind kid, his behavior make mom cry. Video

The family’s home was visited by the technician Robert, who was there to update their internet and start streaming TV. I guess it shouldn’t have been a huge issue.

Yet in reality, that family was not having the best of days. He sort of wandered into a mess, frankly.

Jessica clarified in a Facebook post:

‘My three-year-old son, Sailor, is here. He is blind and was born with two unusual brain abnormalities.

The mother went on to say that Sailor is unable to articulate his needs and that specific day he was having a particularly difficult time.

While her husband is at work, she tried to assist him while also handling a number of other domestic duties, like caring for her daughter, cleaning, washing laundry, etc.

It was a huge help to the worn-out mother.
“Robert could have entered quickly and left, but he chose to fill a need instead that went beyond the need for the internet.

That goes above and beyond customer service; that is the best of humanity. Robert is deserving of something—a raise,

a promotion, etc. He is a benefit to your business, and I will always remember his kindness.

We undoubtedly concur that Robert merits praise for this admirable deed, and it appears that everyone else does as well.

Thousands of people liked and shared Jessica’s post on Facebook. Everyone agreed that this was incredibly sweet.

Robert, a dad himself, said the following to FOX Carolina News:

I wasn’t really aware that it was making such a difference. I didn’t perceive him as a child with any sort of

impairment or special needs. As a father, I didn’t mind that he wanted to be picked up because he was just a young child.

Isn’t this the sweetest tale ever? We could all use a little assistance now and then as parents, so it’s a blessing when you do.

To watch an interview with the considerate technician, click the video player below!

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