This elderly couple celebrate their 60th birthday in the same outfits in which they got married…see what they were like years ago

It’s always nice to meet someone who knows the secret recipe for a long and happy marriage. The following story is about the gorgeous

couple from Nebraska, 81-year-old Lucille Stone and 88-year-old Marvin Stone. They have become a wonderful example of lasting love.

To mark their 60th wedding anniversary, they organized a touching shoot. These images are full of affection, tenderness and respect for each other.

Lucille wore a stunning lace dress she had sewn herself, Marvin had an elegant black tuxedo and a bow tie.

This inspiring couple, thus, celebrated their wedding anniversary in the same outfits in which they tied their destinies in 1960.

The couple spent six decades raising three exemplary children while sharing both happy and painful times together.

Their feelings of love and affection have successfully weathered the tests of time. Everyone is aware of how challenging it may be.

When the photographer in charge of the photo session asked the woman to discover the secret of a happy and lasting married life, she answered in a clear and simple way.

Just a few quick words:

‘Work hard, be kind to one another, think before you act, rely on your respective strengths to overcome your faults, and hold your faith impassive.’

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