A Soldier’s Dad Gives His Teenage Daughter Who hadn’t Seen Him in a Long Time a Big Surprise(video)

One of the teenage contestants on American Idol claimed that she draws a lot of inspiration from her father.

Kaylin’s father, a military serviceman, is frequently posted abroad, so she does not get to see him very often.

In actuality, Kaylin sang ‘I’m Almost There’ by Lonestar for her audition song, which she dedicated to her father.

She claimed that the words of the song perfectly capture her connection with her father.

Simply put: Kaylin gave a fantastic performance! The adolescent impresses the judges by hitting the high notes.

Throughout her performance, she seems to be on the point of tears as she delivers the song’s heartbreaking lyrics.

She has no idea, though, that she’s about to receive a huge surprise!

A video message from Kaylin’s father was shown before to the judges’ final decision about Kaylin.

The surprise, nevertheless, did not end there. He arrived in the audition space!The appearance of Kaylin’s husband equally astonished Kaylin’s mother.

The judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan, were so impressed with Kaylin’s audition that they

handed her one of only a few platinum tickets. Following the news from the trio, Kaylin is barely able to control her excitement.

Kaylin received high praise from Lionel, who likened her to a renowned vocalist.He remarked, ‘I mean, you’re 15 years old and singing like Streisand.’

In addition to ‘traveling to Hollywood,’ Kaylin, 15, is also able to skip a round while in Los Angeles thanks to that particular ticket.

What a lovely clip it was to see the happy family reunited to mark a significant occasion in Kaylin’s life and profession.

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