After overcoming the affection, the girls repeat the photoshoot done at the start of their not easy journey

It’s such a beautiful and very touching story. In 2019, photographer Laura Scantling welcomed 3 little girls,

3 wonderful creatures, into her studio. The girls had the same affection. Laura photographed them. Three years later, they met in the same place, still beautiful and healthy.

After her father, Laura chose to express herself more through photos than words. She decided to create a project to help children with delicate health.

It was easy to find small models. She posted a message on Facebook and the result was not long in coming.

Riley (3), Reanne (6) and Ainsley (4) didn’t know each other, but became friends after the photo shoot.

Their parents became friends during those three years and they all looked forward to their daughters being repaired.

Recent photos show Riley, Reanne healthy and Ainsley on the verge of improvement.

The golden ribbon that the girls hold in their hands is the global symbol of this childhood affection.

‘My affection looks like a devil,’ Reanne says. ‘Yes, and chemotherapy is a prince,’ adds Ainsley. He contacted the princesses…

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