Following his wife’s unexpected passing, Liam Neeson revealed that his sons found comfort in their mother-in-law, Vanessa Redgrave.

Liam Neeson, an Irish actor, has established a strong reputation in Hollywood. The actor gained notoriety from

his leading performances in blockbusters like ‘Schindler’s List’ and the ‘Taken’ action series. He has received numerous nominations over the years, including three Golden Globe Awards,

two Tony Awards, a British Academy Film Award, and an Academy Award. He was even ranked seventh on The Irish Times’ list of the country’s 50 finest cinema performers in 2020.

Although Liam has had a successful career, he has also faced his share of challenges. Liam has found it

particularly difficult to deal with one area of his life in particular: the passing of his wife, Natasha Richardson.

They met in 1993 when they were both cast in a Broadway production of the play ‘Anna Christie.’ They are a

glam acting pair. Robert Fox, a producer, and Natasha were married at the time, albeit they were divorcing.

Later that year, they started dating, and they got hitched in 1994. They have two kids together, Michael Richardson and Daniel Neeson.

After spending 16 beautiful years together as a happy family, tragedy struck in 2009. Natasha struck her head

after falling while skiing with one of her sons, suffering a brain damage that ultimately caused her death.

Since then, Liam has spoken openly about the loss and the enormous support his mother-in-law, who is also a renowned actress in her own right, provided for the family.

When Natasha fell and struck her head in Quebec, Canada, in March 2009, she was skiing with her eldest son.

She didn’t wear a helmet during the fall, so she declined medical assistance and carried on with her day.Natasha was however taken to the hospital right away, three hours later.

Liam promptly took a flight to visit her from Toronto where he was at the time. He discovered that his wife was receiving life support when he got there.

He claimed that he informed his wife that he loved her even though he wasn’t sure whether she could hear him.

He also disclosed a deal he and his wife had formed, according to which they would ‘pull the plug’ if one of them fell unconscious.

’So that was my instant impression when I saw her with all these tubes and whatnot,’ he told CBS. ‘Alright, these tubes must go,’ he said. She’s left.

Liam has been outspoken about how much his wife means to him ever since she passed away. He admitted that,

on occasion, he still anticipates seeing her enter their house normally. ’That never was real. It’s still not really,’ he continued.

For his two sons, who were just 12 and 13 at the time of their mother’s passing, Liam had to develop strength. In a 2014 interview with CBS, Liam emphasized what a kind person Natasha was. He stated:

She has concern for everyone. She possesses a maternal instinct. Also, Mom would prepare meals for everyone and simply take care of us all.

Natasha’s mother, actress Vanessa Redgrave, perhaps gave her maternal instincts because she helped Liam care for her grandkids following her daughter’s untimely death.

Redgrave had already led her daughter down the aisle during Natasha and Liam’s wedding because her father had already passed away.

In the wake of Natasha’s passing, she also became someone Liam and the kids could depend on. At Natasha’s funeral, where the actor served as a pallbearer,

Liam and Redgrave could be seen consoling one another. Redgrave’s backing was one of the factors that allowed Liam to continue in his career, he later told the Independent.

My mother-in-law moves in if I’m gone working on a project, he added, adding that he has a strong support system.

He added that Redgrave would always be eager to offer assistance.Redgrave also experienced Liam’s sorrow, which persisted for a long time after Natasha’s death.

In 2019, she said to People, ‘Time doesn’t heal; that would appear to indicate that suddenly it’s okay, and it’s not.

Never is it acceptable.
Actress Joely Richardson, the second child of Redgrave, stated in the same interview, ‘You are different.

You are not getting stronger or weaker. Simply altered; different. What we have done successfully

as a family is that we reformed to become a strong, loving unit by honoring and supporting one another.

In a social media message dedicated to her mother on her 86th birthday on January 30, 2023, Joely demonstrated how solid their family was.

A picture of Redgrave grinning while relaxing outside with her pets was among the images, along with a few vintage shots.

On January 24, 2023, Joely also shared images of her sister that were up for auction in support of a women’s organization.

Tasha stated that she felt secure in her husband’s arms in the caption. T’s final professional photograph was never more stunning and, in fact, as calm and tranquil as an Angel.

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