Living with his mother and taking her on red carpet dates makes Bradley Cooper happy.

On January 5, 1975, Bradley Charles Cooper was born. The actor has an elder sister named Holly and is of Italian and Irish descent.

His mother, Gloria Campano Cooper, worked for the regional NBC affiliate in Pennsylvania, and his late father, Charlie Cooper, was a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch.

Cooper was brought up a Catholic and lived outside of Philadelphia with one sister. He is Catholic via both

of his parents and is Italian through his mother and Irish through his father. He has acknowledged in interviews that he continues to pray every day.

Cooper, who made his feature debut in 2001 with ‘Wet American Hot Summer,’ worked incredibly hard in the business to establish himself.

However, the success of ‘The Hangover,’ from which he earned $600,000, and the subsequent $5 million

for the follow-up in 2011, according to Hello! Magazine, catapulted the actor to fame almost immediately.

He is so well-liked that his friend and fellow actor Robert De Niro has extended multiple invitations for him to stay at his home.

Even the notoriously difficult filmmaker David O. Russell has repeatedly expressed a desire to collaborate with Cooper. Cooper, however, did not become famous or successful overnight.

Unknown to many, Cooper has maintained close ties with his family, particularly his mother, about whom he has frequently spoken out.

He not only talks very highly of his mother but also takes her on special dates, most of which take place on the

red carpet when he is invited to events such as award presentations and ceremonies. Continue reading to discover more about Cooper’s close bond with his mother.

Cooper, the younger of two children, has a sister named Molly who is older. Cooper acknowledged that he didn’t stand out from the pack growing up.

His parents weren’t persuaded that he could become a famous actor until he played Joseph Merrick in a scene from the play “The Elephant Man” on a local program.

After making his television acting debut on ‘Sex and the City,’ opposite Sarah Jessica Parker, his career eventually took off.

The ‘A Star Is Born’ actor still values his family as much as he did back then, despite his notoriety and several awards.

His father Charles and mother Gloria have always been very encouraging of his profession. That’s why he returned to their house after his father fell ill in 2011 so that he could spend more time with him.

The New York Times feature of Cooper highlighted a heartwarming interaction he had with his father as he lay dying.

Cooper, who passed away in 2011 from cancer, claimed that he hugged his father until his last breath, at which moment everything changed.

Cooper spent more time with his family when his father died, to the point where he stopped going with Gloria, his mother, when she left the house.

Cooper said that he had been residing in the same house as his mother in a 2013 interview.

‘My family and I are quite close, so losing my dad was devastating for all of us. He admitted that there had been a schism, and its effects were still being felt.

And we depend on one another. then, here we are. Don’t get me wrong, though. That is not without difficulties.

It’s not like she lives in the guesthouse and I live in a compound. No. She is in the room beyond.

Even while that would appear strange to some people given that Cooper was already in his early to mid-40s at the time, he was proud of it.

Cooper revealed to Anthony Ramos in an interview with Interview Magazine that he moved in with his mother

and daughter, who he shares with model Irina Shayk, at the commencement of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

‘I have not left the house with my daughter, my mother, or my two dogs. I can’t let anyone inside the house because my mother,

who will soon turn 80, has a colostomy bag. He told Ramos, ‘And I can’t leave the house because if she gets it, it’s over.

He also sarcastically disclosed that the actor runs a one-man preschool and holds a makeshift swim lesson in their bathtub

because they take quarantine measures seriously. The actor lives with his daughter and mother in a small townhouse with a backyard.

Since then, they have developed a close relationship and have even accompanied his mother on

special dates, such as to the Oscars red carpet. Cooper brought his mother as his date to the 2022 Oscars.

The two made everyone’s hearts melt as they strutted the red carpet together, with Cooper dressed in an elegant black Gucci tuxedo.

While some people might be embarrassed to bring their mothers to work out of fear of embarrassment,

the two made no such fears. Gloria donned a floor-length black dress with a silver sequin blazer, and she looked stylish as usual.

They had previously traveled as mother and son before. They reportedly walked the red carpet together

at the 2019 Oscars and the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards with Cooper’s ex, Shayk, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

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