Priest orders bride to move aside during wedding as groom makes proposal to sister… Details below

Ashley Schaus, a resident of Santa Claus, Indiana, probably knew from the moment Hannah Schaus was born that she and Ashley would be close.

Yet, Ashley eventually realized that her younger sister was different from other kids. Hannah was identified by medical

professionals as having both diabetes and Down syndrome, a genetic condition in which a kid has an extra copy of chromosome 21.

Since then, Ashley and Hannah have been unbreakable; as a result, when Ashley first met her husband, Will Seaton, in 2010, Ashley told him that

she and her sister came as a ‘package deal,’ and they have been together ever since. Seaton did just that in 2017, popping the question to Hannah’s sister in addition to Ashley.

One day, Ashley’s parents told to the young girl that her younger sister has a disease called Down syndrome.

Ashley appears to have made the decision to stand up for her younger sister at that precise time. Because of Hannah’s condition,

Ashley will take care of her forever, according to USA Today. Ashley appears up to the task and determined to make sure Hannah is never made to feel excluded throughout their lives.

When Ashley met and started dating Seaton, this was put to the test. Ashley told him that Hannah would be there with her at all times as they got closer.

When we first started dating in 2010, ’I told him we were a package deal,’ Ashley said ABC News in 2017. Seaton seems to have welcomed both sisters without

difficulty, going on dates with both sisters to satisfy Ashley’s wishes. He appears to recognize Hannah’s significance to Ashley and determined that Hannah would also be his sister.

Ashley and Seaton dated for several years. Finally, Seaton made up his mind to pop the question to her.

Seaton had the ideal idea for a proposal. He organized a photo shoot in a meadow with Ashley, Hannah, and himself.

Ashley answered yes as he got down on one knee and proposed marriage to her.I’ve been a fan of your work for years. He also made a proposal to her.

She was questioned if she would always be his best friend. Hannah smiled broadly. She obviously liked being a part of the memorable occasion.

I was shocked, Ashley said to Fox 6 Milwaukee. Will is fantastic, but he’s also very modest, so this action astounded me.

All I could think of was how amazing this was for her because she was so joyful.Hannah and Ashley appear to be close friends.

And Seaton seems to have felt precisely the same about Hannah, with the three becoming ‘best friends,’ according to ABC News’

interview with Ashley. Seaton also had special vows to say to Hannah when the momentous day for Ashley

and Seaton finally arrived.Those who watch the touching moment’s video will be touched by Seaton’s vows to his sister-in-law.

Do you consider Will to be your best buddy, Hannah? At the couple’s wedding, the minister questioned. Do you swear to take him fishing, crack him up, and always take good care of Will?

Ashley has previously stated that she ‘wouldn’t want it any other way’ and that she wanted her sister to be present for the entirety of their ceremony in October 2017.

She continued, ‘I am honored to celebrate this day with her.In addition to the wedding itself, Hannah and Seaton danced as ‘best friends’ to the song ‘Best Friend’ by Harry Nilsson.

As you might expect, the video of Hannah, Ashley, and Seaton’s wedding has been widely shared online.

The topic has been covered by publications ranging from Inside Edition to USA Today, and as a result, viewers and readers have shown overwhelming support.

Wow, that’s really sweet. I enjoyed reading this morning’s story. Amazing kindness,’ a user with the screen name Ashmedai wrote in reaction to the ABC News report.

‘Such a beautiful girl! Zoe Swenson posted on YouTube, ‘Loved her clothing. Oh, and the bride appeared to be lovely (as well),

albeit obviously not as lovely as her sister. There should be more people like him in the world. Right now, I am filled with such joy!

The fact that Ashley and Hannah’s narrative may aid in eradicating the social stigma associated with Down syndrome is one aspect in which Ashley and Hannah’s tale is significant.

According to the National Down Syndrome Society, infants are born with an extra copy of chromosome 21 in their cell nuclei, which causes down syndrome (NDSS).

Down syndrome can be caused by Trisomy 21 (Nondisjunction), Mosaicism, or Translocation. When a mother gets older, her odds of having a child with Down syndrome rise.

A mother who is 35 years old has a 1 in 350 chance of becoming pregnant with a child who has the disease, and that likelihood steadily rises to 1 in 100 by the time she is 40.

The non-profit added that Down syndrome is the most prevalent chromosomal disorder in the United States, affecting about 6,000 newborns each year.

Both the scientific community and society have advanced significantly since the illness was first recognized by English physician John Langdon Down in the late 19th century.

Hannah is anticipated to live to be 60 years old thanks to medical advancements, as opposed to children

with Down syndrome in 1910 who were only expected to live to be 9 years old, according to the NDSS. The social acceptance of people with Down syndrome

has grown as people have become more tolerant and understanding of those who are affected by the syndrome.

This is due to the fact that children with Down syndrome are living longer and because of organizations like the NDSS.

The huge support for Ashley, Hannah, and Seaton’s love and friendship story serves as further evidence that the world is prepared to discuss Down syndrome more freely.

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