The twin’s were born 97 days apart… Here’s how it possible

At first glance, we are dealing with an ordinary family photo.The parents hold in their arms usual twins. Indeed, the photo is far from ordinary.

It has become clear that the mother of the children had children 97 days apart in one of the hospitals in Cologne.

This is a very rare experience. What is even more amazing is that Liana, the eldest of the family, was born in 2018 while Leoni came into the world in 2019.

On November 17, 2018, the mother of the twins, Oksana, gave birth prematurely when she was 26 weeks pregnant. By a happy coincidence, the girl was saved.

The little one was not able to breathe on her own and feed herself. She received her food through a tube.

When she was born, she was immediately transported to the Intensive Care Unit, specially designed for premature babies.

In this time interval, we were preparing for the birth of the second twin. In vain ! Suddenly the cervix is ​​closed and the tightening has stopped. The baby did not ‘want’ to come out of the womb.

In fact, 97 days later, on February 22, 2019, Oksana returned to the hospital to deliver her second child. The baby was 3700g.

As confided the attending physician, Uwe Schellenberger, during his professional experience,

he witnessed many cases when the twins were born separately. But the 97-day lag is, indeed, a record for all of medicine.

The twins are in the running to be listed in the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ under the title ‘longest interval of birth of twins’.

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