A man offers to hold a stranger’s baby in the waiting room. He had no idea that someone else was watching his unexpected behavior(video)

It would be quite beneficial to have an extra set of hands when caring for a baby.

After all, if you have a small child that needs to be held and cuddled, even the simplest activity might be challenging.

Mothers and parents complete the task

Many parents learn how to do household chores while carrying their infant on their front.Or you can securely prepare dinner while holding a sleeping infant in a sling.

Parents always find a way to complete the task at hand.

Visiting the doctor

One day, Jade West of Florence, Alabama, carried her adorable baby boy Jayce Billings in her arms as she entered a doctor’s office.

The issue?

She was given a clipboard with paperwork to complete when she checked in at the front desk.

Jade moved to an open chair, sat down, and repositioned her newborn son on her shoulder before realizing she couldn’t hold him securely while filling out the documents.

She didn’t want to wake him up and deal with a fussy infant. What was there for her to do?

Two chairs away sat a total stranger who was monitoring Jade’s every move.Seven-grandchild Joseph Hale noticed the new mother was having some difficulty.

An aiding hand

Yet he wasn’t sure how to approach her in the modern world.He made the decision to go ahead and offer to help, and Jade couldn’t have been more appreciative!

Joe offered to hold Jade’s adorable, precious baby so she could fill out the paperwork, saying he would be more than pleased to do so. Jade complied immediately.

With one baby arm resting over Joe’s other shoulder and the other tucked down his side, Grandpa Joe placed the infant over his shoulder.

Joe comforted the infant by holding his head in his large palm and patting his behind.

An inherent

A picture taken by Florence, Alabama resident Natasha Wilson, who just so happened to be waiting in the same waiting area, shows the serene expression on Joe’s face.

Before his appointment time, Joe hummed and rocked the infant.He reluctantly gave the infant back to his mother since he wasn’t yet satisfied with his baby fix.

‘Ma’am, would you like for me to hold that baby for you while you do that?’ suggested the man from across the room.

The mother responded, ‘That would be amazing!’ while grinning with relief. I had never seen something like this before in my life.

People no longer typically offer assistance to strangers, and I have seven of my own kids.

A grandfather angel Joe

Natasha posted the picture on Facebook, where it quickly gained popularity.In just a few short days, it was initially shared nearly 500,000 times.

Jade expressed her gratitude to Grandpa Joe for his assistance on Good Morning America.‘I was relieved and grateful that he wanted to help; he appeared genuinely sincere.

He talked about how he was always a ‘paw paw,’ how he adored children, and just how much he loved my baby!

As if he were his own grandchild and had known him all his life, he was literally just cooing and talking to him.

I’m so grateful.

Grandpa Joe never met the baby, but the young mother couldn’t believe the amount of affection he showed her kid. She was so appreciative!

Grandpa Joe’s popular photo let the globe realize what Jade wanted people to know—that kindness comes in many forms and hues.

Yet when you meet someone who has a sincere loving attitude, like the one I did that day, all judgments and preconceptions are immediately abandoned.

Jade stated she will never forget Joe’s compassion and kindness to a total stranger.

It may seem insignificant to some, but to the parent who desperately needed a helping hand at that very moment, it meant the world.

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