Heroic act! a small child falls from the balcony. What the passerby did has become a hit on social networks(Video)

We’re going to have to do a Spiderman remake, but this time in Mandarin.

A guy was hailed as a hero after he scaled the side of a building as effortlessly as if he were the

web-spinning wonder himself in order to save a child who had fallen from a window onto a ledge below.

A middle-aged man in casual attire was seen on camera in Changzhou, China, climbing up a pipe to rescue a sobbing toddler who had fallen from a second-story window.

After reaching the platform and securing the youngster, he creeps along the edge to call down a man from an upper window with a rope to bring the kid back to his house.

Smiling, our hero washed his hands and then returned through the same pipe. The South China Morning

Post reports that the kid just got a few scratches and that the nice spider-identity samaritan’s is still a mystery.

The Chinese proverb ‘love the children, reverence the elders’ is a fitting motto for Chinese society, and it is brilliantly illustrated in this dramatic rescue.

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