How Joan Collins manages to look great at 89 and enjoy her fifth marriage…See how she looks like now

Joan Collins not only saw the Golden Age of Hollywood, but also regained her fame in the 1980s after

the release of the series ‘Dynasty’. The actress has managed to reach dizzying heights in the world of cinema.

However, his personal life was far from ideal. Fortunately, it was also a holiday on Joan Street.

More than 20 years ago, the star finally met her true love, and it is her husband who helps her stay in great shape.

At the age of 89, Joan continues to work and is not going to stop.Joan Collins quickly conquered Hollywood, but in the process gained a bad reputation.

Joan never dreamed of a film career. She wanted to perform, but it was about the theater stage. Collins did not become famous. She wanted to become a professional actress and succeed.

Joan’s father was worried about the girl and warns her that people are trying to use her because of her

good looks and young face. The father advised the future star to resist the prejudice that there is nothing better than good looks.

In 1954, Collins moved to Hollywood and soon landed her first major role in The Red Velvet Girl.

Critics were delighted with his performance. Soon everyone was talking about turning Joan into the new Marilyn Monroe.

The first film was followed by other hits. The actress quickly rose to star status. Collins was young and charming. She had many admirers.

Now the actress remembers that she met many young men, but most often they were ordinary dates, and nothing serious came of them.

Joan was extremely free-spirited and independent for her time. And it turned against her: the reputation of the actress deteriorated.

Behind the glitz and glamor of Hollywood’s Golden Age was a grim picture. This world was not very friendly to actresses.

Joan later recalled that she lost her role in Cleopatra because she turned down obscene offers from studio executives and the film’s producer.

She did not want to mix his personal life with her career. This greatly complicated her life in Hollywood.

Joan has been unlucky in love for a long time
The actress got married for the first time at the age of 19.

Joan’s chosen one at that time was actor Maxwell Reed. Collins recalls that she literally fainted at the sight of a tall, handsome man. She was flattered by her attention.

But Joan soon realized that this was not enough for a strong marriage. The star fell into despair, and four years later the couple broke up.

Joan’s next husband was singer Anthony Newley. In marriage, they had two children, Tara and Alexander.

The couple stayed together for eight years.Then came the divorce. Joan Collins swore she would never marry again.

A short time later, friends introduced the actress to the attractive businessman Ronald Cass.

She literally besieged Joan, offering her his hand and his heart. She was persistent and asked the

actress for a whole year to reciprocate. Finally he gave up. Joan and Ronald married and soon had a daughter.

But this alliance also failed. Two years after the divorce, Collins met singer Peter Holm. It turned out that the man is a real playboy and a ‘gold digger’. He turned Joan’s life into a nightmare.

It is still difficult for the actress to come to terms with the fact that she survived four unsuccessful marriages.

If there’s one thing he regrets, it’s one of those personal failures. ‘I’ve done it many times. I was stupid,’ says the actress.

But despite the fact that married life gave her a little joy, she became the mother of three wonderful children. Therefore, she does not particularly complain about the second and third marriages.

When Joan was 67, she finally met the love of her life. The actress played in a play staged by the Percy Gibson company.

At first, Collins and Gibson were just friends, but soon romantic feelings flared up between them.

Two years later they got married. ‘I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my ideal. Percy is great in every way and we’re great with each other,’ Joan admitted.

Collins and Gibson have been together for more than 20 years. And Joan feels that she has finally found the secret of family happiness,

especially since she spent most of her life in marriage. At the moment, the actress can be considered an expert in this matter.

Joan and Percy have common interests: they like theatre, cinema, books and travelling.

Although the couple spends almost all their time together, they never get tired of each other. Besides, Collins has tricks up her sleeve.

First, if her husband starts snoring at night, she politely escorts him to the next room. And second, whether at home or on vacation, they use private bathrooms.

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