Shakira broke down in tears in the store, the reason being Pique’s statement that their children must…

Shakira’s career has been on the upswing since her breakup with Gerard Pique. She presented several noisy performances about

her former lover and gathered millions of views.A few days ago, she attended Jimmy Fallon’s evening show with Bizarrap and looked quite happy.

However, soon after, the paparazzi caught her crying in the supermarket. She talked to the fan in the store, but it is not known what they talked about.

Some speculate that perhaps it was the fan support that got Shakira so excited. The media reports that the singer continues to bear the pain of the separation.

Pique was also a guest on the Rac1 radio station, where he made several statements about his personal life, although he usually prefers not to talk about it.

When asked if he had listened to Shakira’s latest songs, he answered: ‘I don’t want to talk about it.We are parents and we have a responsibility to our children and we are obliged to protect them.

Everyone makes decisions that they think are right.The only thing I want is for my children to be okay.’

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