Why Amal Clooney’s love story is inspiring women around the world… Her words about George is truly amazing

Even in modern society, many people still believe in the stereotype of unmarried women who have passed the age limit of 35-40 years.

‘How long will you be among the girls?’ the question is read in the eyes of senior relatives and society.

However, it is high time to get rid of such thoughts and the fear of remaining an ’old maid’. The couple of Amal and George Clooney shows

that you can meet your partner not at the age of 18 or 20, but much later. Amal no longer hoped to find such a strong sincere and mutual love.

Married women do not need to feel deprived and unhappy at any age. It is good that in the modern world this

is no longer so categorical. Women are not in a hurry to get married and have children.Many prefer to build a career right away, someone chooses travel and self-development.

There are those who are able to find a balance between many areas of life, which is very valuable. However, there are still people who look down on the so-called old maids.

If you suddenly have fears and doubts about this, just read Amal Clooney’s story. She too was hung with the unenviable tag of an old maid for a long time.

But Amal, a famous lawyer of Lebanese origin, found happiness in marriage with fans, despite the joy and envy of the people.

Amal, as she believes, met her love late. But now she realized that it was in vain that she was worried about this question.

George and Amal Clooney met when the latter was 35 years old. The lawyer admits that at that time she had come to terms with the idea that she would be alone.

But fate had its own plans for it. Amal and George have started a romantic relationship. They hid from everyone in Amal’s apartment in London.

Once Amal admitted at the AFI Life Achievement Award. ‘Pretty soon I started to feel like no matter what happened, I would never want to be with anyone else.’

By the way, during Amal’s speech, George was almost in tears, his eyes were wet. It is not surprising, because Amal took many touching words that she dedicated to her husband.

If for Amal the status of an old maid was fixed before marriage, then George Clooney was considered a stubborn bachelor.

When the actor met Amal, he was 52 years old. Fans were convinced that no woman could steal the idol’s heart. The fans were wrong because Amal succeeded.

George and Amal have been married since 2014. During this time, they have not lost the feelings they had for each other at the beginning of their relationship.

On the contrary, their love grew stronger. Amal admits that when she started dating George, she fell for him.

‘I couldn’t sleep when we were apart and I was told that I would especially smile and nod when I read his text messages

or letters that he hid in my bag,’ says Amal. The celebrity also adds that all this has remained unchanged even after many years.

Amal just doesn’t love her husband. He really admires her. In addition, the wife admits that even now she melts from her husband’s smile.

‘What I found with George is a great love that I have always believed in,’ shares Amal. It should also be noted that the couple has two wonderful children, Alexander and Ella.

Amal Clooney admits that the most pleasant scene for her is George and the children spending time together.

As you can see, George and Amal did not meet when they were young. But that didn’t stop them from building a strong family. So maybe women shouldn’t be hung up on some labels, as well as men.

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