Levi McConaughey, the older son of actor Matthew McConaughey has grown up and made a rare public appearance with his mother.

The three kids Matthew McConaughey and his wife of ten years, Camila Alves, will have in 2023 are Levi, who will be 14, Vida, who will be 13,

and Livingston, who will be ten. The actor said in 2020 that he did not bring up his children in the same way as his parents did.

He did, however, make it clear that he wasn’t criticizing his parents’ parenting choices. The ’Dazed and Confused’

actor claimed that he made the decision to employ more language than his parents and grandparents did.

According to Matthew, he and Alves spent more time educating their kids about who they were. He described how his mother would begrudgingly tell him off for letting his kids dispute over stuff!

The actor admitted that he wasn’t a ‘perfect’ parent during his Red Table Talk appearance in November 2021,

but he quickly took stock after realizing his harsh comments. However, he approached teaching his children the same values in a different way than his parents did.

Matthew realized that his parents were from a time when adults would respond ‘Because I said so’ to youngsters who asked ‘why.’

He also revealed that he was never grounded in his family for misbehaving since his mother believed it would take time away from him, which was a valuable resource.

Instead, the actor was pummeled. Recently, the husband of Alves said that being a parent was the only thing he had ever wanted to do and that it had always been his best. He added:

‘My main goal in life has always been to be a father… I don’t think there’s anything more important.’

The kind of parents Matthew’s children had made them seem like lottery winners. But, their father had to

get beyond a number of obstacles stemming from his own painful childhood in order to become a better dad.

According to the Red Table Talk interview, Matthew’s parents practiced ‘tough love’ and occasionally beat him and his brothers to instill life lessons in them.

The actor admitted that when he was ten years old, he was assaulted because he had a Cracker Jack tattoo.

His parents packed up his things when he first threatened to leave. The actor claimed that he first learned to

swim when his mother threw him into the Llano River. He would then either float down the rocky waterfall or swim back to the bank.

But his parents’ love for him was undeniably sincere, ’bloody at times,’ and unwavering. Matthew claimed that he was never wounded but that the beatings helped him internalize values.

His refusal to answer his name led to his first beating; his ‘I can’t’ response led to his second; his lying led to his fourth;

and his shouting ’I hate you’ at his sibling led to his fifth. He realized that every time he ran into problems, it was his fault.

In 2023, Alves’ husband, 53, who was raised in South Texas, acknowledged that the treatment he received from his parents may have been

considered abuse, but he didn’t perceive it that way. The Oscar winner acknowledged that she was afraid of the experiences as a small child.

But after that, he never questioned his parents’ devotion to him and his brothers. In his 2020 book,

‘Greenlights,’ which was based on his diary entries from the previous 36 years, he described his horrific childhood experiences, saying:

I tell these horrible, unpleasant, and frequently scary stories.

According to Matthew, he narrated his tales since those were the moments in his life when he experienced romantic love.

But it was also a time when love was unbeatably difficult and challenged. Another person agreed that the teenager [Levi McConaughey] appeared to be ‘much older.’

His parents weren’t strong in his eyes, and he believed it was unfair for someone who was sane and aware of what had happened to say otherwise.

Regardless of whether Matthew was mistreated, his parenting approach appeared to be successful for his family and kids.

His oldest child was already a teenager, a young man who resembled his father. Levi and Vida visited Alves, who was 41 at the time, during Paris Fashion Week in 2023.

It was approved for the older McConaughey kids to go to the Stella McCartney Womenswear Fall Winter 2023–2024 fashion show.

rare Instagram post featuring the kids from March 7, 2023, showed how mature they had become. No paternity test was necessary for Levi, one fan wrote in a comment on the picture, while another added:

He resembles his father exactly.

Levi, according to a third person, is similar to Matthew. Levi ‘does not look 14,’ one admirer wrote

in response to a picture of the actor and his oldest child with curly hair that was shared on another Instagram account.

The kid appeared ‘much older,’ someone said. Another admirer claimed that Levi’s resemblance to his well-known actor father was apparent and unsettling.

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