Parent of twins requests help from the police after struggling to recognize her kids

Many people can agree that raising one child alone is difficult, especially for first-time parents who are still learning how to navigate parenthood.

Yet, consider raising twins who were born and raised by someone. Considering that two babies must be raised simultaneously, the difficulty immediately doubles.

After they reach the age of a year or two, they can become playful, which may wear a parent out. Nonetheless, parents can also concur that it is time well spent.

Parents are aware that having children will always be a blessing. Before one mother could even get there, though, she was already having trouble telling her identical twins apart.

A mother called Sofia Rodriguez from Córdoba, Argentina, experienced a difficulty with her 2-month-old twins, Valentin and Lorenzo, in March 2023. She was having a hard time telling who was who.

Well, in that case, a parent would probably start by getting a second opinion from a trusted source or seeing their doctor to confirm the children’s identities.

What would you do if that were the case? For Rodrguez, the matter will be taken to the police right away.

She said in her tweet in Spanish, ’I have to go to the police tomorrow to get my twins fingerprinted so they can tell me which one is which. She said, ‘I received the Mother of the Year award.

According to Rodriguez, she appealed to the police for assistance in identifying her children because although they appeared somewhat different in the photograph, ‘in person, they are the same.’

Valentin always wore a blue ribbon, but I decided to cut it off when I realized it was too small for him, Rodrguez said to TODAY. ‘I never thought I would get them confused.

As her kids, who had just fallen ill, were changing into new onesies, Rodriguez explained that she became disoriented.

She made the decision to collect their fingerprints since they ‘did not look very defined,’ in her words. She received some advice from others so she wouldn’t confuse her kids.

‘One reader stated, ‘With my twin brother, we utilized a bracelet, one on the left (hand) and one on the right.

One mother advised, ‘Put ink on the sole of the foot, make an impression on some paper, and compare

it with the sole you have in the documentation. ‘Rename everything and start over, ‘Added someone else.

She then contacted the National Register of People, whose agents visited her house to assist them in determining the identity of her children.

‘We are grateful to @renaper ar who visited our home and skillfully took the babies’ fingerprints and images to

provide us with proofs confirming their identities. And because of them, we now have our children’s identities back!’ she wrote in Spanish.

Sofia released recordings of the moment they heard the news to demonstrate that they were able to identify their children.

We are actually not such horrible parents, she exclaimed. Many people congratulated them for correctly identifying who is who in their replies to her tweet.

In the end! Even if we already have the maternal instinct, it was still important for them to confirm it,

according to one commenter. ‘Bravo! Just watch so that the father doesn’t confuse them, another person stated in jest.

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