Here is how this dad and his seven children currently live after his wife left him five years ago.

This dog in Nebraska is a better caregiver for kids than any human parent could ever hope to be.

The Miller family adopted Berkeley, a Bernese Sinnenhund, and Berkeley resided with them before their child was born.

When Eleni was born, the couple was apprehensive to let the dog close since they weren’t sure how she would

react to the new baby in the house. Yet they quickly realized that none of their worries were valid.

Contrary to what happens when dogs are around their own youngsters, the large dog, which had strong paws, took a kind and caring attitude toward young Eleni.

After installing a baby monitor, the parents of Kristin and Joe found that Berkeley still operated on practically all of its features.

I check on the baby in the crib in the bedroom every night to make sure everything is okay.

At age 2, Eleni’s family related a tale about the care the dog, with whom she had lived all this time, had gotten, which had made the animal immensely happy.

They are both thrilled that their daughter is in such complete safety with such an excellent tutor since it gives them both peace of mind.

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