This week, Billy Crystal turned 75 and recreated his iconic appearance from ‘When Harry Met Sally.’

Billy Crystal is a well-known actor who is probably best remembered for playing Harry in the film When Harry Met Sally.

The veteran actor turned 75 this week, and in honor of the occasion and as a gift to his admirers, he went ahead and shared a photo of his famous movie outfit!

Fans adored Crystal’s appearance in the When Harry Met Sally movie, which consisted of a white sweater, jeans, and sneakers.

The actor decided to honor his fans with a special gift as a way to celebrate his long and successful career as he turned 75.

The actor dressed similarly to how he did in the film, and even struck the same poses. The actor was in a similar position, knelt down, and even had his hands clasped.

‘Thank you all,’ he wrote with the two photographs. A straightforward thank-you note to the throngs of supporters that have sustained his profession over the years!

Several other well-known people responded to the tweet.

Finally, you’re my age,’ joked comic Richard Lewis in response. ‘You’re a blessed artist,” I continued.

I’m happy that we were able to begin our hilarious journey together. I’ve been reading about half of your successes

for the past 17 weeks. Your amazing family is by far your greatest achievement. Love, the Lewis family

A phenomenon in popular culture is When Harry Met Sally. The 1989 film’s debut catapulted Crystal to new heights of popularity,

and it has perhaps been one of his biggest hits ever since. Even more impressively for a comedy movie, the film received an Oscar Award nomination for best original screenplay!

The humorous actor has frequently referenced the movie. He recreated a well-known moment from the movie in 2019 on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden.’

He and co-star Meg Ryan have benefited greatly from their involvement in the movie’s fame. Crystal and Ryan reconnected for the film’s 30th anniversary in

2019 at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles, where director Rob Reiner was also present.

Few performers can ever imagine that their movies will be so popular that they will be remembered for decades.

In a recent interview about the film’s 30th anniversary, Crystal recalled how it was when it first came out.

‘(It was) the first time people saw it and it was the first time the orgasm scene — I have to call it that played, and the laughs were insanely great,’ he said.

It was so intense in the theater, and the laughs were so incredible, that we knew there was something unique when the scene concluded, and we later noticed he and I were holding hands.

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