An ordinary family photo turned into a true mystery. After all, only a few can understand how many people are in the picture

How much are you? Let’s check it out.
You can find answers to difficult questions. Solve puzzles or find invisible things in photos.

In front of you, it seems, is a simple family photo. Yes, but you can hardly stick it in a photo album. After all, there is a real mystery to it. How many people do you see in the photo?

Well, you counted the family. Or is it worth a hint where to look for the invisible guest? Well then,

we advise you to look at the pillow on which the girl is sitting. Something unusual and interesting is definitely worth looking for here.

And now the answer. It is certainly not on the surface, but on the sofa. Yes, yes, there is one more in the family of 6.

One can only guess how the poor woman got there. Or is it still Photoshop tricks?

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