A flight attendant surprised a little girl who was celebrating a special occasion that day. Take a look at the reactions of the travelers below! Video

If you need to go from A to B quickly, flying might be your best bet. But, flying isn’t exactly the most exciting or delightful way to spend time.

Most passengers ignore the flight attendant’s safety briefing and try to get some shut-eye before takeoff by relaxing into an uncomfortable seat.

On the other hand, one flight attendant and her fellow passengers came up with a plan to make a small girl’s birthday special.

A young girl listens intently to the flight attendant’s announcements over the plane’s PA system in a viral YouTube video.

You won’t hear a flight attendant ask you to use your call buttons again, so please do it now. When asked to ‘push ’em,’ a flight attendant gives the order.

The woman behind the camera tells the girl “to look” as she continues filming.

All passengers were instructed to press their call buttons by the flight attendant. The plane’s call button lights are illuminated in rows.

Next, the flight attendant tells the small girl that they are relocating because of her special day. ‘Layton, see,’ the flight attendant says. The birthday cake is topped with these candles.

The attendant then involves everyone on board. As a little girl turns one, her friends and family come together to celebrate.

‘So, we’re all going to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Layton, and then she’s going to blow really, really, very hard and blow those candles out,’ the flight attendant says.

Suddenly, everyone on board starts singing a song for the girl. Then, the child blows out the candles,

just as the flight attendant predicted. Some may be set ablaze with a simple breath of wind, while others need a little more help.

This a wonderful, easy, and kind way to celebrate a child’s birthday!

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