Brad Pitt is going to become a father again. Jennifer Aniston is seriously worried

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are no longer in touch. But so far, they treat each other exclusively coldly.

Therefore, the fans of both stars were quite worried when they heard such statements from both beauties.

Both Jen and Angie have said they are very worried about Brad Pitt’s new romance. And if Jolie’s position

in this matter seems quite selfish, Jennifer Aniston’s concern seems to be completely justified. Jennifer Aniston’s anxiety and Brad Pitt’s romance.

Let’s remind that now the 59-year-old actor is in a new relationship. Pete’s chosen one was 29-year-old fitness trainer Ines de Ramon.

Before her romance with Brad, Ines was known to the public only as the wife of ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Paul Wesley. But in the late summer of 2022, Wesley and de Ramon broke up.

Brad and Inez’s relationship began in the fall of 2022. The actor and the fitness coach quickly found a common language.

It’s no surprise, since Brad and Ines are said to have bonded over De Ramon’s difficult divorce. I bet Pitt,

with years of confrontational experience with Jolie, had something to advise the beauty.

Development of events

Previously, the actor did not act hastily in love matters. But the appearance of de Ramon in Pete’s life completely changed the situation.

Brad’s close friends testify that the actor is crazy about his new lover. ‘Ines is completely different from Jolie. He’s always calm and poised, no drama.’

So far, everything seems to be heading towards the wedding at least. Brad has already managed to introduce Ines to his children,

and the other day he took de Ramon to Paris, where he once walked hand in hand with Jennifer Aniston. The girl’s acquaintances say. ‘Ines feels like a princess.’

Moreover, when hanging out with friends, both Pete and his new lover openly say that they are thinking about the baby. De Ramon can announce her pregnancy any day now.

And then marriage to Ines will immediately become a reality for Brad from a tempting but still distant prospect. And former artists don’t want to put up with it.

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