Doctors had never seen anything like this. These children were born with… Details below

A few years ago, two wonders named Jillian and Jenna This Little one’s came into the world hand in hand.

The sisters are renowned worldwide. They have already grown up and are still very close and very dear to each other.

The children’s mother Sarah was already going through an exceptional pregnancy called monochorial.

This is the most unique and riskiest form of twinning, because the babies are in the same amniotic cavity, in the same placenta.

These miracles were born forty-five seconds apart and as soon as they approached each other, they immediately took each other by the hand. Everyone present was amazed.

Sarah recalls: ‘This scene, when I saw it, I was very moved by it and my husband could not contain his emotions. Hospital staff were also affected.

‘There is a singular attachment between the girls. They are always inseparable, they are always together hand in hand.

If you try to push them away or do something with each one separately, they will start to sob. The girls can’t live without each other,’ says the mother of the twins.

Since the girls look so much alike, everyone but Jackson confuses them, including the parents.
Now the sisters are already seven years old. They are friendly and always dedicated.

Very often the twins act very similarly, so their mother compares them to two peas in a pod. Jillian and Jenna share the same food preferences.

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