An adult female chimpanzee cleans her cage using a broom that was left behind by the zookeepers.

To maintain the chimpanzees’ cage tidy and appealing, a working student was hired as one of the cleaning workers at the Tallinn Zoo in Estonia.

The chimpanzee decided to clean the cage on her own, though, after the cleaning crew unintentionally left the broom inside one day.

The humorous video was uploaded on the zoo’s Facebook page, and it amused online users.

The chimpanzee was cleaning her own cage when the cleaning crew went back to the animal’s cage, which was a hilarious sight to behold.

Betty, the clever chimpanzee, was sweeping the ground’s soap foam while holding the broom. She also made an effort to brush the ground-in dirt.

The humorous scenario was caught on camera by the cleaning crew, who were astounded at Betty’s expert use of the broom.

Betty turned to the glass windows and scrubbed them with the broom as soon as she thought she had finished sweeping the floor.

The majority of internet users who watched the video said that the cleaner’s job was finished for the day thanks to the conscientious chimp.

Many internet users found the brief video clip amusing after it was shared online. They were shocked to see remarks complimenting the zoo’s smart chimp:

‘She is incredibly good at learning!’

It appears that the cleaning crew will be laid off. She can just be hired by the zoo to clean the cages.

Can she submit an application to work for a cleaning company if you give her another bucket?
Chimpanzee: Does cleaning your own cage have any negative effects?

Here is the Facebook video that was posted. The link is located below the picture.

Betty is reportedly older than 30 years old. When she was a young child, she was saved from a contraband cargo ship in New Guinea and transported to the Tallinn Zoo in 1991.

Her high IQ and quick learning speed have been noted by zoo staff over the years to apply to not only her motor

skills but also to reading publications and drawing with crayons. The chimp appears to be conscious of her surroundings’ hygiene.

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