Fans of the 97-year-old Dick Van Dyke were amazed by his outstanding performance on ‘The Masked Singer.’ Look in what mask he was hiding under…

Since making his cinematic debut in the ’40s, actor Dick Van Dyke has been revered for his contributions to the industry.

In 1961, he won a Tony Award for his performance in a production of ‘Bye Bye Birdie,’ and his portrayal of the title character will be remembered for decades.

With his starring role in the 1960s sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show, Van Dyke became a household name across the country.

Later, viewers would see Van Dyke act in such classic movies as ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,’ two roles that gained him the hearts of an entire new generation of young people.

Since that Van Dyke is 97 years old, it might be assumed that he is unable to perform as an actor or even appear on television.

He still accomplishes both, though. Van Dyke, however, defied the odds when presenter Nick Cannon revealed his identity at the Season 9 Premiere of ‘The Masked Singer,’

surprising everyone—including the judges—in the process. Van Dyke’s performance was one of the evening’s high points.

Up until this point, Van Dyke’s wit, comic timing, and command of the stage have all been retained.

The Gnome was shown to have had a significant impact on a lot of people’s lives throughout the course of his successful career in the first episode of ‘The Masked Singer’s’ ninth season.

‘Since I truly accomplished everything, all you have to do is ask the producers. From Ben Stiller to Robin Williams,

some of the funniest people I’ve ever met, I’ve laughed a lot. The Gnome said, giving more hints as to his true identity, ‘I performed with the finest stars in music, from Lin Manuel Miranda to Madonna.

A great performer, he continued, ‘isn’t about money or accolades; it’s about going to bed every night,

having to put a smile on someone’s face, and being proud of what you’ve done. But there’s always more to do, especially when you’re working for the fun of it.

Later, the Gnome sang “When You’re Smiling” by Frank Sinatra to continue the show.

Everyone was shocked to see Van Dyke exit the gnome costume he had been donning as soon as Cannon took off the mask. Cannon then inquired into his performance experience while wearing the attire.

‘There is nothing at all to be seen. To be honest, I had no idea Robert De Niro was a singer;

I just like the fact that they thought I was Robert De Niro, he joked to the reporter.Van Dyke appeared out of nowhere, shocking Scherzinger.

‘You are extremely beloved by me. Absolutely everyone in the earth adores you. Having you as a guest

on our show is an honor. I can’t believe you’re in this room. I’m making an effort to remain composed.

She was overtaken with emotion and sobbed as she said, ‘You look so amazing; you look so perfect!’ ’Dick Van Dyke is the best,’

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