The brave fireman helped the child to be born in difficult conditions. What happened after 22 years will warm your heart. Video

Meeting your heroes is supposedly a bad idea, but for this young woman, finally meeting and getting to know the individuals who were the reason she existed was the finest day of her life.

The Emergency

Firefighters Hepler, Holmes, and FF Brock responded to a medical emergency in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on November 9, 2000.


When they got to the residence, they discovered a woman who was about to give birth, and the grandmother of the newborn was unaware of what was going on.

The grandmother reportedly added, ‘We didn’t call you, firefighters,’ one of the firefighters recounted. I remarked, ‘Ma’am, we’ll pull back as soon as the ambulance arrives.’

The three men, who were fortunate to have received training for similar crises, chose to help deliver the baby on the spot

because the EMT driver of the ambulance had taken a wrong turn and the mother had informed the firefighters that the baby was on the way.

The birth

The umbilical chord was wrapped around the mother’s neck, making it difficult for them to deliver the baby.

Thank goodness the firefighters knew what they were doing because baby Janae was born that morning at 6:27.

A few months after

Six months after Janae was born, the firefighters were overjoyed to see her because her grandmother had arranged for them to meet. Yet it wasn’t until lately that she last encountered them.

22 years later

Janae, who is now 22 years old, recently learned how unique her birth was. Once more, her grandmother

set up a meeting between her and the three firefighters who assisted her mother with the delivery in 2000.


To meet one another, they were all eager. Although Janae was first shy, she soon bonded with her three heroes.

’I was just so glad that she made it through life to be the person she is now,’ one of the firefighters said.

The video below shows Janae’s reunion with the three firefighters who assisted in her delivery.

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