The smallest couple in the world who conquered the love of the whole world…

Love is without borders which has the ability to bring hearts together and make them happy. Brazilians Katyusia Hoshino and Paulo Barros are a prime example.

They are both very small and their height does not exceed 90 cm, but this does not prevent them from finding happiness together.

The two met on a dating site in the year 2006. Paulo immediately fell in love with Katyusia, however the girl found him too boring and decided to block the guy.

However, after eighteen months, she changed her mind. They started to communicate again, then go to a dates. 4 years later, the couple started living together.

In 2016, he proposed to her. They were at the center of a media storm,

which is why they became popular in the blink of an eye. Katyusia and Paulo were similarly listed in the Guinness book as the shortest couple in the world.

Today they host a YouTube channel where they post wonderful recipes and advice on beauty secrets (Katya has a hair salon). Their channel has forever captured the hearts of over 500,000 followers.

Paulo got his driver’s license and became the shortest driver in the world. Obviously, the car is adapted to its size. He works as a legal assistant.

They don’t have kids yet, but they want them and plan to have lots of babies. According to them, the secret of happiness is hidden under love and mutual respect, which gives them the ability to overcome difficult times.

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