A couple is motivated to construct a little, two-story ’cottage’ that is very uncommon. You’ve never seen anything like it (video)

As people become increasingly concerned with protecting the environment and lowering their carbon footprint, tiny homes are growing in popularity.

Although though it’s not quite a tiny house, the featured cottage shows how tiny house design ideas may be applied to slightly larger homes.

‘The Nook on the Hill’ was constructed by Holly and Benj near Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia, which is roughly 250 kilometers from Melbourne.

Benj was raised nearby and later acquired the home from his mother.

Holly and Benj provided a tour of their gorgeous home on the YouTube channel ’Living Big in a Tiny Home,’ which featured their home.

The house is 6.5 meters tall, 4 meters wide, and has a garden surrounding it that has been expertly manicured with natural flora to draw in local fauna and birds.

To leave as little of an environmental legacy as possible, they constructed the Nook as compactly as feasible.

Furthermore, they place a high value on living consciously and intentionally.

The fact that they constructed this home themselves with assistance from friends and family members adds to its uniqueness.

Over the course of five years, Holly and Benj spent about 5,000 hours building the house.
It is referred to as their ‘work or love.’

Holly and Benj like utilizing the cast-iron bath in the surrounding grounds at night.They have a breathtaking view of Grampians National Park from both the interior and outdoors of The Nook.

This house is distinctive due to a number of distinctive features. First off, the majority of the materials were salvaged and repurposed for new purposes.

All of the bricks used in the house were built by hand 130 years ago and came from a nearby former bakery.

‘Every piece of wood you can see within the house has been obtained from somewhere. It has lived before,’ Holly said.This involves using lumber from an old bridge, a warehouse, and a primary school basketball court.

Despite the modest size of the home, a full-sized kitchen is present.Since Holly and Benj like cooking,

a well-equipped kitchen was essential for them. Another distinctive aspect of the house is the bathroom.

To add some color to the house, they selected vibrant tiles. Benj tiled it himself after watching a YouTube tutorial on how to do it.

The smaller room in the house was anticipated, so Holly and her friends wanted to experiment with it and add a lot of color.

After looking for approximately a year, they finally found the ideal tile pattern.

The bathroom’s basin was made by Benk.During the construction, the pair started making ceramics for fun and as a creative outlet.

‘We spent some time hunting for a basin, but we were unsuccessful. I then asked my pottery instructor if

I might perhaps construct a basin. I cooked two of them because she had a mild heart attack, he laughed.

They constructed a wooden spiral staircase with tiny book-storage shelves to access the second story.

They decided to install a full queen size bed upstairs since it provided them with extra storage space underneath the bed.Holly enjoys reading on the comfortable bench by the windows.

Huge windows that showcase the breathtaking views of the national park are another one of the house’s standout characteristics.

The house is nearly off-the-grid and powered by solar energy.They have a sizable water supply that is sufficient for both their daily needs and the upkeep of their garden.

The washing machine is also situated against a service wall on the exterior of the home.This is a fantastic concept because it frees up space and preserves the home’s quiet while it runs.

The Nook on the Hill is a genuinely unique location.

‘It’s challenging to express what it means at this point. It has supported us during some trying times in our life.

My dad died a year or so before we first came out [here]. Benj’s father received a cancer diagnosis while the construction was underway,

and he tragically passed away after we succeeded in finishing. For us, it has been a wonderfully therapeutic place, Holly added.

Construction of this almost-tiny house was $140,000, including all furniture.

This house is precious because of the mountain view, the gorgeous garden, and the cozy yet practical design.

Watch the video below to see The Nook on the Hill’s entire home tour!

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