Caught on Camera: Cat’s Funny Argument with Its Owner will Give You a Big Smile

Inside Edition uploaded a video on YouTube showing a heated argument between Toby and his owners.

Toby, a full-grown cat with white and brown fur, can be seen in the surveillance footage laying around on

one of many cat trees on a patio. At the 30-second mark, a woman’s voice can be heard inviting Toby inside for some yogurt.

While his owner may ask him to do something, Toby refuses to comply. The cat, rather than complying and acting like a good kitten,

meows back. As the woman enquires again, she tells the cat, ‘I know, come in so you may have some yogurt.’

In any case, Toby is not pleased. He refuses to budge and instead comically meows from his side, requesting that he be allowed to spend the night in the great outdoors.

Toby is urged to come inside and take his MiraLax by a female voice.

About a minute into the video, Toby grudgingly ascends one of the cat trees and walks across the wooden plank

that connects the tree to the home. Toby, the cat, who has always refused to go indoors to take his medication, has given in.

Animals are incredible in their own right. Toby knew exactly what his master wanted him to accomplish.

Yet it was abundantly evident that the animal had no desire to comply. Every time his owner spoke to him,

Toby would meow back. As he came into the house reluctanly, he realized what the woman’s voice had wanted.

The owners of Toby ultimately prevailed in this legal dispute. Since felines despise being coerced into doing anything, the outcome of the following round is anyone’s guess.

A human and a cat get into a heated debate in this amusingly brief video.

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