How is it possible for a male to undergo surgery and transform into a woman? Before and after photos below

How Does the Male to Female Transgender Surgical Process Work?

Metoidioplasty. A new penis, commonly referred to as a neopenis, can be created through surgery known as a metoidioplasty.

As part of the process, the clitoris develops into a penis. A person will take part in hormone therapy before having surgery.

With the aid of gender affirming therapy, people can transition to the gender that best fits their identity.

In addition to other conceivable body parts, gender confirmation surgery may involve procedures on the face, chest, or genitalia.

You can choose to have a single surgical procedure or several different ones all at once. Collaboration with a mental health doctor is crucial both before and after surgeries.

The term ‘v.t.e. gender-affirming surgery’ refers to a variety of surgical procedures that change the body

to provide physical characteristics that are more comfortable and affirming to an individual’s gender identity and overall functioning.

In the field of urology, the topic of transgender surgery is increasing quickly. There is a sizable unmet

patient demand in the United States alone, where there are close to 700,000 people who identify as transgender.

Urologists are the doctors with the most familiarity with human anatomy, despite the fact that the field is still relatively new and includes both urology and aesthetic surgery (male and female).

It’s probable that the expense of changing a girl’s assigned gender to male will exceed $50,000.

Male to female gender transition might cost anything between $7,000 and $24,000. There are anywhere from 100 to 500 gender reassignment procedures.

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