Why Kevin Bacon won’t talk about his 35-year marriage to Kyra Sedgwick and offer advise to other couples

In and out of Hollywood, Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon have been dating for more than three decades, which is unusual.

Naturally, we all want to know how they manage to maintain such a solid and stable relationship. Bacon might not be the ideal guy to ask, though…

On March 2, while making a guest appearance on ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Kevin Bacon mockingly reduced the length of his marriage to fellow artist Kyra Sedgwick.

‘It’s been a long time… however there is a great deal of excitement among the populace. and everyone wants to know the secret, which I categorically refuse to provide, “Bacon stated.

In addition, Bacon said he was unaware of the key to a happy marriage.Let’s face it, marriage doesn’t work, he said in jest. How many couples remain wed? Nobody.’

The ‘Footloose’ actress did ultimately talk about some advice for keeping a good marriage, obviously making light of the issue.

He told host Jimmy Kimmel, ‘If I had to provide any advice, I would say the one thing you don’t want to do is follow a celebrity’s counsel on how to stay married.’

When asked about his marriage in past guest appearances on other shows, Bacon has responded in a similar way.

In a 2017 interview with Closer Weekly, he said, ‘That’s a question I refuse to answer anymore, although there are a few things

you don’t want to do if you want a long marriage. One is to remark, ’I told you so,’ and another is to leave the toilet seat up.

He described Sedgwick as ‘outstanding’ and ‘multi-talented’ in the same interview. Travis and

Sosie are two of the couple’s two children; they have been married since 1988. Both of the kids are actors.

Bacon, who is now 64, did talk more about his marriage to Sedgwick, who is 57.

‘We became pregnant while on our honeymoon… I think she was 23 and I was 30,’ he said. ‘Back then,

we didn’t know anything—we had no idea how to raise a child… We lacked knowledge of what we were doing. We seem to have been kids ourselves.

The actor recalled another tale in which a valet once shattered his car window to assist a couple’s then-4-year-old baby.

‘We had a rental automobile… I was disorganized and not really thinking… Pulling up to the hotel valet,

the driver shut the door while the car was still running, the windows were up, and the baby was still inside, Bacon recounted.

He said, ‘To say I lost my sh- is an understatement,’ as he thought back on the incident.

He referred to the valet as a hero and described how he used a towel wrapped around his hand to break the window and save Bacon’s infant.

It is reassuring to keep in mind that famous people are fallible. We admire Kevin Bacon for being so open about his marriage and flaws.

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