During the interview, Ben Affleck was honest about his and Jennifer Gardner’s relationship problems and how did it affect on children.

During one week, husband and wife Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez gave extensive interviews to The Hollywood Reporter and Us Weekly and made interesting revelations.

Affleck praised his wife and said that Lopez knows everything about social networks. He spoke to her before the interview.

‘She knows that because of what happened to me, I have become very cautious, she is right about many things and loves me, watches over me and helps a lot’.

He honestly told that he became an alcoholic against his will and now he is happy to help people who ask him for advice.

‘The main trick is 12-step psychotherapy, in which you help others by helping yourself first. ’I advise

people not to talk about their addiction publicly, that’s why the groups are called Alcoholics Anonymous.’

The actor has been treated for alcoholism several times, he has talked about it many times in interviews.

Ben told that he started drinking because of difficulties in his career and family problems. At that time he was married to actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he has 3 children.

’I said earlier that it is not my ex-wife’s fault that I became an alcoholic, we ourselves are primarily responsible for everything.

I just wanted to fill the void inside me. We raise the children together, and I don’t want to live far away from them and not see my kids for a long time.

Years are very important, I will regret if I am not next to them. I want to be present at all the important events in their lives.’

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