Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. We tell about the first meeting, romance , marriage of one of the most famous couples in cinema history

They have been a happy family for more than 10 years, although they have known each other for a long time and were filmed together for the first time in 1992.

Bardem and Cruz are considered the most harmonious, beautiful and passionate couple not only in Spain, but also in Hollywood,

in their homeland they are as famous as the members of the royal family. And how it all started, we will discover together.

Dating and romances

Bardem and Penelope met for the first time in 1992, during the shooting of the curiously named Ham, Ham.

Penelope was only 17 and Bardem was 24. Although they were very passionate on the screen, there was no spark between them in real life.

At that time, career was in the first place for Penelope. She really wanted to appear in Hollywood, which she did.

In 2001, she starred in the film ‘Vanilla Sky’ with Tom Cruise. Cruz was fascinated by Penelope’s beauty and they started dating. The romance lasted 3 years.

Bardem’s heart was not free either, he was dating translator Christina Pales.They met during the movie ‘Ham, Ham’ and lived together for 10 years. Christina helped the actor to speak English so fluently.

After breaking up with Cruise, Penelope began dating another heartthrob, Matthew McConaughey, with

whom they starred in the movie ‘Sahara’. But after 2 years they also broke up, the reason was employment and work schedule.

Bardem, in turn, was dating Maria Belen García Porrero, who had 4 children from a previous marriage.

The second film and love ignited

Penelope and Bardem worked together for the second time 15 years later, this time in Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’.

In 2008, when the shooting was in progress, the press began to write that Bardem had attracted his co-star,

but instead of Cruz name there Johansson’s name was mentioned. Her future husband Ryan Reynolds, who arrived in Spain from the US, put an end to the rumors.

At the Vicky Cristina Barcelona premiere, Bardem and Cruz were together, but not as a couple. They did not answer the

journalists’ questions about their personal life, and when taking pictures, they made sure that Woody Allen appeared between them.

Later, Bardem admitted that he had been following Penelope for too long, at first he was scared by the hot temper

and fiery character of the actress. Then he realized that Penelope is passionate about everything she does.

It is not officially known when they started dating. For the first time about their romance in 2007, the British magazine Hello reported and published photos taken from a vacation in the Maldives.

They celebrated New Year 2009 in Brazil. They were also together at the wedding of Penelope’s friend Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault,

which took place in April 2009 at the La Fenice Opera House. Despite this, they still haven’t confirmed that they are dating.

Wedding and children

The first official event they appeared at as a couple was the 2010 Goya Awards. After receiving the award,

Bardem gave a touching speech dedicated to his beloved: ’I owe you so much.I love you so much,’ he said, keeping his eyes on Penelope.

Even after that, they did their best to keep their personal life private. In July 2010, Cruise’s publicist announced that the couple had married in the Bahamas.

Only family members and closest friends were among the guests. The bride’s dress was made by Penelope’s old friend John Galliano. Photos from the wedding never appeared in the media.

After the marriage, Penelope became like no one had seen her before. She was calm and harmonious, she had found her happiness, which was also visible in her appearance.

In one of the conversations, she admitted: ‘I used to behave hysterically with men. I liked to give orders and be capricious.

Now everything has changed. It’s indescribably nice to hear Javier say, ‘You’re right, my dear.’

Bardem said the same about her wife: ‘She is so sweet. The most amazing being I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet. Penelope is an incredible woman.’

After 2 months of marriage, the couple announced that they are expecting their first child. Their son, Luca, was born in 2011, and 2 years later, their daughter, Luna.

‘You will never see pictures of our children on Instagram. I will not do such a thing, I am obliged to protect their private life,’ said Krus.

Bardem, in turn, said that Luca and Luna still don’t know what their parents do. ‘They know that we work in the film industry,

but I don’t think they understand everything. We don’t have anything at home to show that we are actors.’

Bardem’s confession

Penelope and I have known each other for more than 25 years. She captivated me at once, she was so beautiful.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. There was a spark between us, but she was only 16 at the time, so nothing came of it.

We were only passionate about screens. Maybe when I’m an old man, I’ll turn on that movie for our kids and say in an admonishing voice,

‘My dears, look carefully at why you were born.’ But it is not excluded that I will die of shame, because that movie is all about sex.

I have no idea how Penelope’s parents allowed her to film. If my daughter said something like that to me, I’d be mad.

In reality, just like in the movies, Penelope is very flamboyant, isn’t she Spanish? Sometimes it becomes unbearable,

when arguing, she starts to break the plates and scream like an abnormal. I’m even starting to get scared. But I love her like crazy.

I am really proud of her and her works. She is extraordinary in Parallel Mothers.

Cruz’s confession

Thanks to Xavier, my life has completely changed and gained meaning. I constantly talk about my children, even with passers-by on the street.

It’s my favorite topic. Before, I worked constantly, I did not miss a single film, I acted in up to 5 films a year. Now I have other preferences. I want to be with my children.

The secret of Javier and I’s happy marriage is that he always helps me deal with the constant chaos.

The other is that although we regularly work together, we also carry out activities separately as much as possible.

We are able to leave our characters on the set and not take them home. There is only us and our life.

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