Dad uses creative methods to comfort his blind and deaf child.

Okay, so Gideon is upset about this. We can see a baby on the television who is obviously not having

the best of days. He squirms and looks genuinely distressed, whining softly while his father supports him.

We assume that when Daddy leans in, he will just kiss the youngster on the cheek. But rather than kissing him, he gives him a raspberry instead.

Gideon’s face immediately changes from a frown to a startling one of confusion. He initially exudes uncertainty but soon gains confidence and his expression changes to one of wonder.

Of course, his father’s lung can only retain so much air, so the raspberry ends. This is not well received by Gideon,

who returns to being upset right away. However, when Dad gives him another raspberry, everything is back to normal.

It takes a lot of lung power for the dad to keep Gideon happy while this process is repeated several times. This video was first published in 2015.

Gideon has aged significantly since then, as the description states, and thankfully cries considerably less now.

Dad must still take a lot of time giving him raspberries, we assume (since most children get cranky regardless).

This sweet little video shows how much these parents adore their son. If you want to see what Gideon has been up to recently,

you may check them out on the ‘Living with a Happy Heart’ channel on their still-active Youtube channel.

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