Four hilarious fathers steal the show by performing a hilarious version of ‘Swan Lake.’

Being able to witness your child experiencing true delight is one of the nicest aspects of being a parent.

It can be frightening to consider being imaginative or silly enough to make your kids laugh, but it’s lot simpler than you might imagine.

Most kids want their parents to fit in with their lives and be ‘cool.’

Peer pressure is to blame.

But, as infants become older, they understand that parents’ efforts and their presence are what matter the most.

It’s about being present.

Children recall those times fondly and reflect back on them.

In a decade or two, four fortunate kids will have something hilariously lovely to remember.For a while, it could seem awkward, but as they age, the memories becomes priceless.

The Swan Lake by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was performed by four fathers.

The ballet is incredibly well-liked and has been presented frequently over the years.

These fathers are performing at Wyckoff Dad’s Night at Lincoln Elementary School in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

The evening has grown to be so well-known that it now has a website!Maybe we may thank these men…

More than 60 fathers performed there!The organizers are aware of the importance of Dad’s Night to the families, though.

‘Imagine the excitement in your child’s eyes as you enter the stage. You become a superhero to them. Nothing you do is wrong.

Go on stage and have some fun if you want your youngster to talk about you for the next six months.

These four fathers all did that!

As the two dads who follow them stride out with hilarious confidence, the first two dads tiptoe across the stage like expert ballerinas.

The fathers grab hands and start prancing incoherently and clumsily across the stage.
The children find it to be humorous and like it.

Have they prepared for this?

Was practice just a group of guys getting drunk and dancing around? Hmm…

The volume of the crowd overpowers the music.
Although they moved well across the stage, their clothing was what really caught our attention.

The full ballerina costumes that the men are donning appear to be intended for women.
But they don long, white socks in place of tights.

Heck, Robin Hood sported tights too.

Also, they have headdresses with white veils on them.These fathers worked extremely hard on this one!

Running in place while still holding hands, they change things up. Running is then followed by jumping.

These guys had to be worn out.

After all, ballerinas are trained to fall gracefully and with specific foot placements.

They do spins amazingly well! The dads then put an end to the routine by knelt down.

The viewers adore it!

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