Incredible Cuteness: See how long this loyal dog waited outside the hospital to see his homeless owner

In Santo Antônio, Brazil, a loving dog named Mel patiently waited in front of a hospital for weeks,

hoping to be reunited with her homeless owner. And finally, she was able to see him again.
Nobody, however, was entirely certain as to why she was first loitering at the hospital.

Most people who passed by mistook her for a stray animal. But nothing could be further from the truth than that.

Nobody knew that she was being struggled to be retrieved by her owner who was inside the hospital.

As the days went on, the medical staff started to notice that she would always wait by herself at the facility’s door.

Later, when they learned that her owner was a homeless man, they took it upon themselves to ensure that she was properly fed.

It was believed that his recuperation would take a long time because he was hospitalized to receive treatment for a serious medical issue.

When the hospital’s medical staff learned that Mel’s owner was receiving care there, they took a really kind action. They made arrangements for Mel’s owner to come and see her.

The medical personnel took Mel’s owner outside for daily walks, fresh air, and cuddles when he had recovered enough to go for walks outside.

The dog then ran up to Mel’s owner and leaped into his arms while the man casually walked around outside.

Although though Mel’s owner is struggling financially, he more than makes up for it by showing his pet so much affection.

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