Josh Groban Invites a 14-Year-Old to Perform an Incredible Opera Duet…Video

Josh Groban invited one fan on stage to sing with him at a performance in Green Bay, Wisconsin, according to a video that was uploaded on YouTube.

Josh reads the woman’s name and seat number off a piece of paper in his hand at the beginning of the video.

The ‘You Lift Me Up’ keeps reading from the paper after realizing that Anastasia, 14, is sitting directly in the front row.

The young lady confesses in the letter that she adores opera and would like to perform a duet with him. The performer then exits the stage and approaches the woman in her seat to say hello.

Josh takes the woman by the hand to a stage in the middle of the arena after making sure she does in fact want to sing with him.

The kid says she would like to sing ‘To Where You Are,’ one of Josh’s popular songs. A few seconds later, Josh Groban and Anastasia are performing a duet together!

She begins the song and sounds fantastic!

Anastasia picks up the pace in the video about the 3:15 mark. She demonstrates her tremendous range by striking high notes that quickly have the crowd applauding and clapping!

The audience expresses their appreciation to the little performer after her performance. Everyone is once more cheering.

Josh was so impressed by the teen that he was speechless. He described it as ‘really amazing and stunning.’ ‘Anastasia, you’re going to get high fives all night.’

What a significant event for the teen! Josh provided that young woman an experience she won’t forget for the rest of her life by being kind and taking his time.

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