In this haunting video, a man plays piano on a frozen ocean while the Arctic around him cracks. Breathtaking video

Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian pianist and composer of great renown, has amassed an impressive body of work in the form of film trailer and record scores.

We’ve teamed up with Greenpeace to spread the word about the Arctic’s natural wonders and the environmental

degradation that threaten them. They collaborated on an incredible video that is both beautiful and terrifying.

Ludovico and Greenpeace travel to Svalbard, Norway’s Wahlenbergbreen glacier. His equipment includes a platform designed to float like icebergs.

Ludovico and his beautiful BB grand piano are the only things on this plateau of melting iceberg fragments. The lovely scenery is all that remains of what was formerly there.

In the beginning of the video, there is little sound aside from the chirping of birds. Suddenly, there is a loud crack, which causes Ludovico to turn his head in the direction of the noise.

He sits down at the piano again and starts playing. After all, ‘Elegy for the Arctic’ is Ludovico’s

mournful farewell to the Arctic as we know it, as the name “elegy” alludes to a poem composed expressly for the dead.

He floats and plays, and we hear the loud boom of ice breaking and falling into the sea below. The slow sound of the ice falling in the backdrop

punctuates his eerie and at times urgent piece, which is the musical equivalent of a downward spiral. A more terrifying and destructive combination is hard to imagine.

But there is still a chance. The song seems to end on a cliffhanger as Ludovico is visibly moved to tears

in the final moments. Even though he’s playing what amounts to a funeral march, there’s still hope; the story isn’t over.

To watch Ludovico in action, please click the link below.

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