This couple has been together for 68 years, they share the secret of their love…

They say true love doesn’t die out over the years, it just gets stronger. This is indeed the case of the couple Donald and Ollie King.

The photo shoot of the elderly couple, organized on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of their marriage, caused a sensation on the Web.

‘He kept telling me how much he adored her and how much God had blessed him, for sixty-eight years,’ said photographer Paige Franklin.

‘This wonderful couple has never spent a day or a night without each other, it’s really amazing,’ says Paige.

Ashley Owen, the granddaughter of the elders, is the sponsor of the photo shoot. She welcomed the photographer to the farm where her

grandparents spent their last days to make their love unforgettable and to keep beautiful memories of her grandparents as they were now: happy and in love.

’I love my grandparents very much, although I’m obviously biased,’ laughs Ashley. ‘I wanted to organize this photo shoot, especially for me, because I don’t want their love to fade over time.’

It was not easy for Ashley to persuade her grandparents to be photographed, because they are very modest people and they don’t like to be photographed.

His grandfather, Donald, aged eighty-seven, was a shepherd his whole life and his grandmother, Ollie, eighty-three, was tinkering with foot covers thirty years ago.

Photos are very important to me, just like my grandparents. In the photos, they will be inseparable.

These photos are very symbolic. Like in the photos in real life, they are always together and do everything together,’ Ashley confesses.

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