The waiter of the elite restaurant threw the cake in the face of the visitor…

For some reason, recently many people forget about the most basic rules of decency and etiquette.

Moreover, this problem is quite sharply manifested in the process of communication between visitors and staff of institutions, for example, with cleaners or waiters.

And not long ago, a rather unpleasant incident happened in one of the elite restaurants of Kiev.

Two girls decided to visit an institution called ‘Guramma Italiana’, but now they will definitely never forget that day.

At some point, the waiter just decided to send a cake to the face of one of the girls, and her second friend also got it.

Choreographer Richard Gorn managed to capture what was happening.Very soon, the video appeared not only on his profile, but also on YouTube.

As Richard soon commented, the girls were acting too ugly and provocative. The artist noted that the visitors

tried to attract the attention of all the visitors and the entire staff of the restaurant, and they did it in not the best ways.

Richard Gord added that this is a really good example of instant karma and that he is with the waiters.

However, the opinions of netizens are divided. Someone thought that the boys did the right thing, and someone thinks that waiters should always follow the work rules.

Moreover, many believed that Richard simply decided to advertise the institution in a less than simple way.

However, neither the management of the restaurant nor the director personally commented on this.
Maybe the

girls really behaved completely wrongly, and the waiters simply put up with this attitude towards them until the end.

Or, in fact, the guys just threw food in the faces of their visitors, wanting to make a real scandal?

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