From a pensioner to a Queen’. The friends decided to transform and left the stylist like young beauties

Lenise and Bonnie are already 58 years old, girlfriends have been inseparable for years. At one time they both worked together and then started a home life.

They took care of the house, husband, children, and spent their free time with each other.

Women have learned to manage the economy and the family budget, but they have forgotten how to take care of themselves. Women have become typical housewives.

However, the kids are grown and it’s time to love yourself again and change. After all, because of their unkempt appearance,

they had lost self-confidence. Therefore, Bonnie realized that without outside help they would not be able to realize their dreams.

Therefore, friends turned to stylists. It took the stylists about 6 hours for the makeover.In the end, the girlfriends changed beyond recognition.

Both Lennis and Bonnie looked simply gorgeous. Relatives could not contain their admiration. Women got 20 years younger.

They were just beaming with happiness and confidence. Now their beauty was revealed in a new way.There was no trace of the former housewives, now they were successful and luxurious women.

The girlfriends promised themselves and their loved ones that they will maintain this image and will not return to the past.

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